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How does it work?

Just as plants harness light for photosynthesis in nature, Hydrotect nanotechnology does the same for man-made surfaces. An integrated part of the manufacturing process, Hydrotect uses nontoxic titanium dioxide (TiO2) in the glazing and coating process. It’s invisible whether applied to tiles or glass or embedded in paint mixtures. And this photocatalyst initiates a reaction between oxygen and humidity in the presence of light, both outdoors in the sunlight and indoors under normal levels of UV light. The chemical reaction yields three results that keep interiors and exteriors clean, as well as improve 
the environment around us.

Keeps all surfaces clean – interiors from floor to ceiling, exteriors from wall to wall
 Self-cleaning mechanism
Anti-microbial mechanism
Air purification mechanism
* EPA certification in progress. Data have not been evaluated and approved by EPA


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