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Natural Balance

How much rain falls around the world and what is the most effective plant for battling greenhouse gases?

The answers are an amazing 108 trillion tons1 of rain and the unassuming poplar tree2. Hydrotect harnesses rain as a natural resource for cleaning. In fact, with rain for exteriors or clean water for interiors, Hydrotect is virtually self-cleaning, eliminating harsh chemicals. Hydrotect also purifies the air by removing harmful pollutants nitrogen and sulfur oxides. In fact, a 10,000 square-foot area of tiles can clean the air as effectively as an area of green land the size of four tennis courts3. Cleaning without interfering with the way you live, Hydrotect strikes a balance between eco-awareness and comfort.

1Source: White Paper on Water Resources, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in Japan, 2009

2 Source: National lnstitute for Environmental Studies I Manual on Tree Planting for Air Purification, Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency of Japan (rev. version)

3 Based on internal TOTO calculations

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