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Makes Surfaces Easier to Clean

Hydrotect surfaces are hydrophilic, attracting water. Hydroxyl group attracts water molecules, so water spreads to form a thin film under dirt, lifting it off of the surface. The dirt is easily removed with simple cleaning on interior surfaces, without the use of harsh chemicals, and by rainwater
on exteriors.


Activated Oxygen is generated in areas exposed to light. Active oxygen in conjunction with the anti-microbial metals, minimize bacteria that cause odor and stain in both dark or brightly lit areas.

Cleans the Air

Oxygen activated by Hydrotect improves air quality, reducing greenhouse gases and eliminating odors. Active oxygen reacts to remove pollutants from the air efficiently. In fact, a 10,000 ft2 area of exterior tiles can clean the air as effectively as an area of green land the size of four tennis courts.**

 *EPA certification in progress. Data have not been evaluated and approved by EPA.
**Based on TOTO’s testing and calculations.
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