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Neorest Suite

To the designers at TOTO, it’s about creating a new way to live in the modern bathroom; a refining of humanity’s relationship with water. Here, technology and design bond to form a sense of relaxation like no other. The result is a suite that is as luxurious and intuitive as any can be. The Neorest suite is living, breathing proof of this. And we do mean "living" and "breathing". It remembers the water temperature you prefer and how deep you like your bath. It even "senses" your approach and prepares accordingly. In this respect, connecting human need with human desire has become a design philosophy. The restorative benefits of water are enhanced by pure innovation. We like to think of it as "ergonomic technology". It makes every single experience more rewarding. And that, we see as the peak of luxury.

Neorest Airbath
Neorest Air Bath with Hydrohands
  Neorest Sensor Faucet & Lavatory


  Neorest 700H
Neorest II Lavatory with LED Lighting   New Neorest 700H with ewater+
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