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How to replace a flush valve on a two-piece toilet

1. Turn off water to toilet at the angle stop on the water supply line.

2. Drain toilet tank by holding down the trip lever until the tank water has drained into the bowl. Manually remove the remaining water from the tank.

3. Remove water supply line from fill valve. Use a catch basin to catch any drips.

Remove the water supply line

4. Remove the nuts on the right and left of tank.

Remove the tank nuts

5. Lift tank off toilet.

6. Remove tank to bowl gasket from the underside of the tank.

Remove tank bowl gasket

7. Remove large nut on flush valve from the underside of the tank.

Remove large nut on flush valve

8. Remove flush valve from the inside of the tank.

Remove flush valve from inside tank

9. Install new flush valve and tighten the flush valve nut by reversing steps 6, 7 & 8.

10. Install tank to bowl gasket.

11. Reset the tank to the bowl.

12. Tighten the tank to the bowl until it make contact with the china. Do not over tighten or you may break the china.

13. Reinstall the toilet supply line by hand. Do not over tighten or the fill valve will rotate in the tank and come loose.

14. Turn water on.

15. Check for leaks.

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