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How to replace a rubber toilet flapper

Watch this short video or follow the instructions below.

For non-dual flush toilets

1. Turn water off to the toilet at the angle stop on the water supply line.

2. Carefully remove toilet tank top, and place in a safe location to prevent breakage.

3. Flush toilet and hold the handle down until water stops flowing out of the tank and into the bowl.

4. Disconnect flapper chain from trip lever arm (note which hole the chain is connected to).

Remove chain

5. Gently slide the arms of the flapper off the plastic pegs on the flush valve assembly.

Remove flapper

6. Remove old flapper from the tank.

7. To install new flapper, gently slide flapper arms over pegs on flush valve assembly.

8. Connect the chain to the trip lever arm, and move the clip on the chain so it has a little slack in it when the flapper is in the closed position. Use same hole on the trip lever arm as old flapper was connected to. Note: depending on the flapper for your model toilet, the clip my look slightly different than this photo.

Replace chain

9. Turn water back on and when tank is full, test flush the toilet to make sure flapper operates correctly.

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