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Double Cyclone Flushing System
Overview of TOTO's innovative and powerful Double Cyclone flushing system. See what makes Double Cyclone the most advanced flushing system on the market.
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E-Max Flushing Systems
In this video, learn why TOTO's E-Max flushing system is one of the most reliable 1.28 GPF technologies in the world.
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Dual-Max Flushing Systems
TOTO's Dual-Max, dual-flushing system allows users to choose between 1.6 and 0.9 GPF.
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Learn about TOTO's super-smooth china glazing, which creates a surface that prevents particles from adhering to ceramic, while a catalyzed ion barrier actually repels particles.
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Overview of TOTO's hydro-powered system. EcoPower's turbine creates an electrical current that is stored and powers the Smart Sensor System of either the faucet or valve.
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Learn about water savings offered through TOTO's green products and technologies.
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TOTO thinks "green" in every product, technology and process. This video gives an overview of TOTO's commitment to the enviroment through manufacturing, partnerships, innovations and fundamental thought processes around bringing new products to market.
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See how TOTO leads and never follows in designing, engineering, refining and delivering innovative technology that enhances your daily life.
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Stages of Life
TOTO is dedicated to designing products that are useful to all walks of life at all ages. This video gives an overivew of TOTO's Universal Design process and philosophy.
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TOTO is the world's largest global plumbing manufacturer and one of the few anywhere that offers the full suite of bath products. Learn how our extensive network ensures solutions that are global, not just local.
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TOTO's Hydrotect coating materials actual self-clean surfaces using water and oxygen. Hydrotect even cleans the air, making it a unique green product.
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See how Gyrostream bodysprays revolutionize the way water works to reinvigorate in the shower. Gyrostream's nozzles tilt and rotate, resulting in more consistent water distribution and warmth.
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Double Cyclone Flushing Test
Using TOTO's exacting, real-life testing protocols, UltraMax II performs flawlessly, requiring only one 1.28 gallon flush to completely clear the bowl of both liquid waste (water exchange ink dye tests) and solid waste (multiple types of soy-based media tests).
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Neorest II
Enriched by TOTO's pioneering innovations and design vision, Neorest II improves your entire experience with designer toilet, bathtub, lavatory, faucet, shower system and even accessories.
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