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TOTO is leading the way in technical innovation, sustainability and product design. The Living TOTO Library has relevant articles, case studies and other resources to educate and provide you with the information you need. TOTO Product specifications and industry certifications, features and even our discontinued product information can be found here.

Living TOTO Library

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    Small is Getting Smaller

    The micro trend in architecture and interiors has made its way to the bathroom, with some innovative and extremely interesting results.

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    The Artful Aquia Wall-Hung

    Suspended gracefully on your wall, the TOTO Aquia Wall-Hung toilet saves space, is easier for the elderly, conserves water, is remarkably small.

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    More Than Just a Washlet

    For most people, the pampering benefits of a TOTO Washlet are simply a luxury, but for others, they offer independence and an easier day.

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    Designing for Everyone

    Inclusive Design lets people of all ages enjoy products and places more easily.

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    The Getaway Space

    As modern life accelerates, the bathroom has become the zen zone we seek for comfort and escape.

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    A Well-Appointed Bathroom

    The days of toilet paper colored to match bathroom tile are long gone. Today, it’s artwork, floral arrangement and elegant lighting fixtures that mark a beautiful escape.

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    Green Energy Works for TOTO

    TOTO USA, Inc. has become one of the largest purchasers of Georgia Power’s Green Energy.

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    TOTO Earns EPA Water Efficiency Leader Award

    In recognition of TOTO’s longstanding commitment to water conservation, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has honored the company with one of its first-ever national Water Efficiency Leader (WEL) awards.

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    EcoPower, The Smarter Faucet

    As you wash your hands, the incredible EcoPower faucet is harnessing and storing the energy from its own water flow.

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    Building a Better Toilet

    TOTO got started with the idea of building a better toilet, but with the ascendance of sustainability innovations over the years, “better” has taken on new meaning. See a few of our favorite environmentally friendly models.

1-10 of 81 Search Results
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