The California Drought: How You Can Become Water-Wise

TOTO Supports California's Efforts To Prevent A Water Crisis By Cutting Consumption

TOTO shares California's alarm at the severe drought conditions facing the state and supports Governor Jerry Brown's mandatory 25-percent reduction in urban water use. As the only plumbing manufacturer honored by the Environmental Protection Agency as Water Efficiency Leader, we’re an industry advocate for sustainable water and energy policy at the national, state and local levels. Partnering with the EPA, we help craft its WaterSense program's language and develop testing protocols to validate the integrity of high-efficiency product performance.

Our award-winning Environmental Product Declarations help consumers and professionals easily understand what the company is doing to improve the environmental performance of our products across their life cycle—from product design and raw material selection to manufacturing, use, logistics, and end of life. The web-based sustainable purchase analysis app—MyGreenPayback—enables consumers and professionals to calculate in real time their financial return on investment and the planet's return on environment for the high-efficiency products they purchase for their homes and businesses.

To help Californian's reduce their indoor water consumption, TOTO offers a wide range of WaterSense labeled, high-performance, water-efficient products.

One-Gallon Per Flush Toilets
Available only from TOTO are ultra high-efficiency, gravity-fed 1.0 gallon per flush (gpf) toilets—with our market-leading Double Cyclone Flushing System. These toilets provide a 71-percent water savings when replacing a 3.5 gpf toilet. When replacing a 1.6 gpf model, they offer a 38-percent savings. When replacing a 1.28 gpf toilet, they provide a 22-percent savings.

Ultra High-Efficiency Faucets
EcoPower ultra high-efficiency sensor faucets' predetermined flow rate dispenses 0.09 gallons per 10-second cycle or 0.5 gallons per minute, which is 64 percent below the 0.25 gallons per cycle baseline set by the federal government for high-efficiency faucets. 

Ultra High-Efficiency Urinals
Our 0.125 gpf urinals save 75-percent more water than traditional 1.0 gpf models or approximately 30,000 gallons per year. The EcoPower Sensor Flush Valves use flowing water to power their electronics, creating a sustainable loop—no need for hard wiring or routine battery replacement.

High-Efficiency Showers
By installing TOTO's 1.75 or 2.0 gpm showerheads, Californians will save more than 2,300 gallons of water per year, which will the reduce the demand on their water heaters, so they will save energy, too. In fact, they can save as much as 300 kilowatt-hours annually, enough electricity to power a television for approximately a year.