The New Look in Toilets

Until recently, wall-hung toilets have seemed quite exotic – the sort of thing seen only in Europe, where they originated, or in high-end commercial establishments. And while mounting a toilet on the wall instead of seating it on the floor seems a very modern idea, it also looks like it might be a complicated one. Fortunately, it is simple through-and-through, and the fresh look, increased floor space and easy operation of wall-hung toilets are making them the darlings of designers and home remodelers these days.

At first, these newer toilets look like a whole new creature, mostly because their profile is so different from other toilets. The tank is concealed behind the wall – drywall separates it from the bowl – and it appears to hover weightlessly. These two factors make all the difference in a bathroom, especially smaller ones. Because a toilet tank adds many inches to the depth of a standard toilet, wall-hung models take up much less room, both literally up to 9 inches and visually. And with no support needed underneath, they’re a dream to clean under – no more nooks, crannies, or bolts to mop and wipe around.

They also make it possible to customize the seat height to what works best for you. Once you’ve decided on a height, the toilet is bolted to in-wall carrier and the wall is completed around it. So whether you’re taller, shorter, or enjoy the ease of getting up from a higher seat, a wall-hung toilet is a great choice. And considering how sleek and elegant they appear, and how much space they save, they’re a very good choice for any new bathroom.