Aero Showrer

Aero-Jet+ Aero-Jet

Aero-Jet technology offers a luxurious shower experience while respecting our water supply. Using air injection to increase water volume by adding air into each water droplet, bathers experience a full, rich shower while using less water. The Aero-Jet Plus technology adds a pulsating feature to the stream, for an even more invigorating experience.

  • Injects air into the water
  • Saves water by making water droplets larger
  • Aero-Jet+ pulses the water - feels like your using more water
  • Creates a luxurious showering experience

TOTO People-First Innovation Smart Fact:

The Aero Series of Showers and Handshowers use air-injection technology that infuses air into the water stream, creating voluminous water droplets for an even more revitalizing shower experience.