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A Tradition of Innovation

TOTO has been making life cleaner, healthier, more comfortable and more beautiful for almost a century because we approach every innovation with a focus on people. True to the innovative spirit of founder Kazuchiku Okura, TOTO works to create the finest products possible. We’re grateful for the critical acclaim we receive, but even more for the high level of trust we’ve earned with people around the world.

The TOTO Way

Today, TOTO is recognized as one of the world’s largest plumbing products manufacturers and is globally recognized as a leader in research and development, engineering, sustainability, and performance design for the bathroom.

  • All of our innovations in engineering, performance design and sustainability are done with people in mind. It’s the foundation of our efforts and guides every decision we make.

  • TOTO is committed to innovating products that benefit people, protect the planet and conserve water. More than 1,500 TOTO engineers work to achieve this seamless integration of performance and innovation. We’ve captured the breadth of our efforts in three simple words that will lead you to a wealth of TOTO data and innovation information: People, Planet, Water.

  • TOTO believes that every product should be as well-designed on the outside as it is on the inside. We’re inspired by long-view trends in global design, and by a deep understanding of what people need and want in our products. At TOTO, form and function are beautifully integrated for an unparalleled bathroom experience.

  • TOTO designs with all people in mind, regardless of their age or physical ability. By keeping this spectrum of needs in mind, TOTO creates bathroom experiences that are comfortable, stress-free and inspiring for everyone.

  • TOTO designs for every aspect of the bathroom, from tubs to towel bars, which is why we’re known for our holistic escapes. Because our distinctive styles are also adaptable, you can create a personal, special look for all your bathrooms.

  • TOTO is the world standard for bathroom excellence. We can be found in homes, hotels, airports, and offices around the world, so you can enjoy the TOTO lifestyle everywhere you go.