Sustainable Minds Reports

At TOTO, we’re committed to innovating products that benefit people, protect the planet and conserve our precious water supply. In addition to our products using water and energy responsibly, our manufacturing practices like grey water reuse, recycled cardboard packaging and carbon neutral shipping ensure we're producing and distributing products in the most planet-friendly way.

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are documents that include Life Cycle Analysis and other data that explain a product’s impact on the environment from production to disposal. For customers, these lengthy, technical documents can be difficult to understand, so we’ve partnered with Sustainable Minds to present this information in a more simple and concise manner. SM Transparency reports have been verified by NSF International – an industry leader in LCA third-party verification and report certification.

Select a product below to view the latest SM Transparency Reports available, or select the PDF icon to download the Transparency Report. Or you can see all the details of the products on the Sustainable Minds TOTO webpage.




  • Standard EcoPower® FaucetTEL3LS10
    0.5 GPM

  • Standard EcoPower® FaucetTEL5LS10
    0.5 GPM

  • EcoPower® Toilet Flush ValveTET1LN
    1.28 GPF

  • EcoPower® Urinal Flush ValveTEU1LN
    0.5 GPF

  • EcoPower® Urinal Flush ValveTEU1UN
    0.125 GPF