WASHLET®: How It Works

How it Works

The advanced design of the contoured heated seat provides maximum comfort. An integrated sensor maintains the desired setting between 86 and 104°F.
The nozzle extends from under the seat, with the touch of a button, giving a soothing warm-water cleansing. Water temperature is set between 86 and 104°F.
Set the nozzle control to pulsate or oscillate during use for ideal comfort and cleaning.
The self-cleaning function cleans and sanitizes the entire nozzle before and after each use.
Hands-free drying offers the ease and comfort of a temperature-adjustable warm-air dryer.
The SoftClose lid closes gently after use, eliminating toilet seat slam. The S350e model offers sensors for automatic opening and closing of the lid.
WASHLET are a highly advanced system in hygiene and comfort. Using a water-cleansing system that leaves you fresh and rejuvenated, the WASHLET utilizes a warm-water nozzle that you control in either the pulsating or oscillating mode. After cleaning, a simple and soothing hands-free drying system is employed, adjustable in temperature. WASHLET also feature a heated seat, water-saving dual flushing system, automatic flushing and a remote control. Click here to try a WASHLET in your local area. If you want to find a WASHLET product, click here.

TOTO People-First Innovation Smart Fact:

Electrolyzed water, a technologically advanced process that transforms water into a safe and powerful compound, keeps the toilet bowl clean after every flush.

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