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A Clean, Comfortable Restroom Experience

Today more than ever before, patrons want to decrease public restroom touchpoints as much as possible. From no-touch faucets and flush valves to automatic soap dispensers and hand dryers, TOTO's hands-free products give patrons confidence that their restroom experience will be clean, comfortable, and convenient. In addition, TOTO's stylish, high-performance sensor products save energy, water, time, and money without sacrificing an ounce of performance. Facilities around the globe choose TOTO's innovative sensor products for their public restrooms to offer patrons a clean, comfortable experience and help protect the environment.

Commercial Bathroom
TOTO Touch-Less Automatic Flush Valve

Auto-Flush Toilets and Urinals

Hands-free ECOPOWER smart-sensor flush valves for toilet and urinal are energy-saving, durable, and provide maximum performance in even the most demanding, high-traffic public restrooms. This self-powered hydroelectric flush valve system generates its power during use; every time water turns the internal turbine. No daily usage minimum required. Its self-adjusting smart-sensor technology does not require manual calibration, for fast, easy installation. Available in exposed and concealed valve styles.

Hands-Free Soap Dispensers

TOTO soap dispensers offer touchless operation with foaming soap for a hygienic handwashing experience. The micro-sensor under the spout ensures accurate hand detection. The auto-purge cycle prevents soap from clogging the spout.

ASD Soap Dispenser
EcoPower Explained

Touchless Faucets

ECOPOWER smart-sensor faucets harness the energy of running water to power themselves, saving water and energy. These hands-free faucets replenish their charge with every use. No minimum daily usage required, which translates into reduced electricity use, lower maintenance costs, and better ecology with hands-free, automatic-shut-off.

No-Touch Hand Dryers

Infrared sensor-operated, Clean Dry hand dryers offer innovative, high-speed air wicking technology that dries the user’s hands in under 12 seconds for an effective, economical solution. Touchless Clean Dry hand dryers reduce energy use by 25% and are extremely quiet, with a low decibel rating between 55 and 62 dB.

TOTO Touch-Less Hand Dryer Explained
TOTO Touch-Less Hand Dryer

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