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Find a TOTO Factory Trained NEOREST & WASHLET Repair and Installation Technician


COVID Precautions and Safety Measures:

Due to the concerns of COVID 19, TOTO and our installer partners will follow proper protocols to protect you and your family while visiting your home.

We also will request that during the visit, that you and your family also follow proper protocols in order to protect the installers during their time in your home.

TOTO will follow the protocols and Guidelines of the CDC while performing the installation. See The CDC Guidelines Here.

This Technician has experience on NEOREST products.
This Technician has experience on WASHLET products.
This Technician has experience on WASHLET+ products.

What Does It Mean to be a TOTO Factory Trained Technician?

TOTO offers training on two aspects of the Neorest/Washlet product offerings. There has been a tremendous growth n the TOTO Neorest/Washlet sales and an important aspect of this growth is how we provide our customers with a Best in Class level service throughout their purchase experience.

First there is the Installation assistance, this provides the customer the support that they may require to install their new Neorest/Washlet purchase.

The second aspect is the After Service support that provides reassurance that TOTO and our partners are with our customers throughout their entire Neorest/Washlet experience.

TOTO will provide training to our professional partners throughout the USA and Canada, that have been factory trained in either or both Installation services and Repair of Neorest/Washlet products.

TOTO will offer our partners a locator page on the TOTO USA website where we will advocate on your behalf the location(s) and service(s) that you have been be trained in for TOTO products.

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