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With conventional siphon jet flushing systems, the water volume is split between the rim and jet hole, with each responsible for bowl cleaning or waste evacuation. DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH® however sends 100% of the water through the rim so all of it is used to clean the bowl and to evacuate waste. This makes it possible to use less water more efficiently.

Drake’s innovative DYNAMAX system generates a vortex that uses a pushing force to send the waste out first, allowing it to travel longer distances than older systems. The combination of the waste discharge and powerful bowl wash using swirling water has dramatically improved the amount flushed away. This new evacuation design also allows for a quieter, more powerful bowl evacuation.


With a modern RIMLESS DESIGN, DYNAMAX uses 360° cleaning power to reach every spot leaving no place for waste or grime to hide, making it easy to clean.

The CEFIONTECT® glaze is fired onto the ceramic bowl surface creating an ultra-smooth ceramic leaving nowhere for waste to cling. CEFIONTECT’s hydrophilic nature and nano-level surface ridges makes it easier to wash waste particles away.


What sets DYNAMAX apart is the difference in design and engine. The new flushing method is nothing like that of conventional siphon jet toilets. DYNAMAX makes it possible to evacuate and clean with a single flush despite using a lower volume of water.

The DYNAMAX system provides up to 45% in WATER SAVINGS compared to standard 1.6 gallon toilet systems. New dual flushing options further increases the Drake’s industry-leading water efficiency.


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