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EcoPower diagram


TOTO knew there had to be a way to power the sensor without electrical connections or batteries, a way that would eliminate waste and greatly reduce maintenance and the cost of operation. The answer lay in the power of the water flowing through the faucet. EcoPower faucets don’t need routine battery replacement because they are powered by the force of running water.

How it works (Putting water to work)

EcoPower puts water to work by supplying the very energy they consume in faucets and flushometer valves. The flow of water spins the high-efficiency turbine to create and store power. Each turn of the turbine powers and recharges capacitors, powering the sensor and solenoid valve. No mininum use is required.

How it works for Faucets:

The water-powered turbine in the EcoPower faucet creates an electrical current that is stored in rechargeable cells to power the Smart Sensor System. EcoPower replenishes its charge with as few as five uses a day and is optimized at 10 uses per day. This translates into reduced electricity use, lower maintenance costs and better ecology with hands-free, automatic-shut-off functionality.

How it works for Valves:

The hydro-powered turbine in the EcoPower valve charges the power supply during usage and provides maximum performance in even the most demanding, high-traffic commercial spaces. EcoPower valves eliminate costs of installing power supplies and wiring as well as maintenance costs for battery replacement.

EcoPower Valve Technology (Made to work every time):

TOTO’s piston valve technology offers a marked advancement over traditional rubber diaphragm valves. Upon activation, a micro-porous cup seal keeps the piston self-lubricated with the incoming water supply while longer piston travel and a self-cleaning 360° debris screen reduce problems of continuous running and overflow. The piston seat will not warp or become unsealed, reducing maintenance costs.

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