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Static Cling Innovation


Driving consumer pride in conservation.

At TOTO, we believe that water is a resource more precious than oil. In developing our line of water-efficient products for the U.S. market, TOTO recognized an important opportunity to engage our customers. When the Energy Policy Act took effect in1992, 1.6 GPF toilets became the national standard. The product offerings in the sanitaryware marketplace at the time didn’t perform well, and consumer satisfaction suffered as a result.

Thanks to our commitment to water conservation, TOTO saw a growth opportunity, and we began manufacturing 1.6 GPF toilets that consistently exceeded consumer expectations. Looking beyond product performance, we saw an opportunity to drive consumer engagement, too.

When the EPA introduced the WaterSense program, 1.28 GPF became the voluntary standard. The WaterSense program helped consumers to easily identify products that were water efficient – saving them 20 percent.

Savvy consumers take pride in letting others know that they’re conserving resources; they want to be “conspicuous conservationists” – a phenomenon known as the Prius Effect. A simple (and green) way to do that was to place a small WaterSense logo on every toilet bowl. The logos are made of vinyl, and adhere to the porcelain through static cling—eliminating the need for glue and enhancing sustainability. Each sticker helps our customers share their commitment to the environment with friends and neighbors.

In addition to producing environmentally friendly sanitaryware, TOTO gives consumers an opportunity to demonstrate their sustainable lifestyle choices.


Each iconic symbol affixed to a TOTO product lets our customers showcase their commitment to green living.

Benefits for PeoplePlanetWater

By putting a WaterSense sticker on each toilet, TOTO helps people share their pride in sustainability—and the stickers themselves are pretty green, too. Here’s how:


When guests see a blue recycling bin in your home, they begin to understand your commitment to the environment. Similarly, a discreet logo sticker on your toilet lets friends and neighbors know that you’re doing your part.


By purchasing a TOTO toilet, you’re actually exceeding current environmental standards. All of our products use 20% less water than the 1.6 GPF mandated by the EPA.


The stickers adhere to the bowl with static cling, which occurs naturally. No glue, no mess, no water.

WaterSense label indicates that these products and programs meet water efficiency and performance criteria. WaterSense labeled products will perform well, help save money, and encourage innovation in manufacturing.

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