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TOTO Introduces its New NEOREST Collection

Company Presents the Next Generation of Its Flagship NEOREST Product Line, a Fusion of Cutting-Edge Technology
and the Beauty of Nature

(Morrow, GA) January 09, 2018 — TOTO, the global leader in innovative, high-tech luxury plumbing products, introduces the next generation of its flagship NEOREST Collection. TOTO’s new NEOREST product line offers the TOTO Flotation Tub and NX toiletmost innovative, design forward array of products available with elegant designs drawn from nature, cutting-edge technology, flawless performance, and extraordinary comfort.

Inspired by the natural beauty of pebbles shaped by water over time to create soft, round curves and smooth surfaces, the new NEOREST Collection offers innovative technologies that will have an even greater impact on improving people's health and well-being. TOTO believes that the bath space should be a relaxing, restorative place where people escape the stresses of daily life and their everyday bathroom rituals should be transformed into enriching experiences. With the new NEOREST Collection, TOTO has brought these efforts to their most beautiful and welcoming expression.

The Flotation Tub with Zero Dimension Technology
After more than a decade of dedicated research on body positioning, bathing, and neurological relaxation, TOTO has developed the world’s first zero-gravity bathtub in which bathers experience total weightlessness. TOTO calls this extraordinarily calming, tension-free bathing experience, Zero Dimension.

Flotation Tub ExplainedThe high-tech Flotation Tub with Zero Dimension Technology has been proven to put the bather in a meditative, low-frequency brain wave state similar to what is experienced in a deeply relaxed mental state. This state of deep muscle relaxation is achieved by placing the body in a specific reclining posture with the buttocks lower than the slightly bent legs, which mimics the position of astronauts sleeping in zero gravity. By releasing the bather from the bonds of gravity to float in a tension-free state, deep muscle relaxation occurs that calms the body, mind, and spirit and offers the perfect remedy for the physical and mental fatigue that the stresses of today’s world bring.

In addition to its innovative design, the Flotation bathtub’s process of deep relaxation and regeneration is further enhanced by massage jets placed strategically along the supine body. Flotation Tub bottom glowTOTO’s HydroHands and air-jet technologies gently massage tired muscles this in gravity-free state, providing the kind of deep relaxation and comfort that simply cannot be experienced on land. The Neck Spa -- an ergonomic, adjustable pillow --increases stability and boosts the body’s relaxation by releasing a gentle flow of warm water that covers the bather's neck, shoulders and upper body in soothing warmth.

To aid with mental relaxation and increase aesthetic pleasure, LED lighting along its base gives the Flotation Tub the sense that it is floating in air. By mimicking the beauty of candlelight in a darkened room, it enhances the sense of stillness and solitude bathers experience when they turn off the world and turn inward.

The innovative Flotation Tub with Zero Dimension is constructed of Galaline, TOTO’s proprietary man-made marble material and fiber reinforced polymer, which uses TOTO’s-patented sandwich construction design to retain heat and resist stains, scratches and cracks. TOTO hand-textures and hand-polishes the special coating on the finished Galaline solid surface material to cap off the Flotation Tub’s beautiful design with an unbelievably luxurious texture.

NEOREST NX Intelligent Toilets
TOTO introduces its most beautiful intelligent toilets to date, the NEOREST NX 1 and 2, available with Actilight or eWater+ technologies.

NEOREST NX2 ToiletThe NEOREST NX Intelligent Toilet’s sophisticated elliptical silhouette is inspired by the simple, organic beauty of an earthen vase hand thrown by a craftsman on a pottery wheel. The artistry of these soft curves and smooth surfaces is found throughout the new NEOREST Collection. The NEOREST NX Intelligent Toilet’s elegant minimalist design serves as a focal point in the bathroom. Beautiful all the way around, like an elegant piece of hand-crafted pottery -- even the rarely-seen back of the unit or the bowl’s interior focus on beauty. Inside, however, owners will discover the most innovative, advanced technologies on the market today.

Like the NEOREST 750H and NEOREST AC before it, the new NEOREST NX 2 with Actilight and NX 1 with eWater+ are high-efficiency intelligent toilets with the People-First Innovations homeowners appreciate—integrated personal cleansing system with warm, aerated water to cleanse, warm air dryer, and heated seat; auto open/close and auto flush; in-bowl catalytic deodorizer; and energy- and water-saving features.

The NEOREST NX’s seat has been completely redesigned and is extremely comfortable. This new ergonomic seat design was made possible because TOTO is the only plumbing manufacturer in the world to maintain a Universal Design Research Center. There TOTO studies all aspects of how people interact with its luxury plumbing products. For example, how people sit on toilet seats, the shape of toilet seats, the angles of which they are composed, and the myriad designs that have been developed over time. TOTO’s extensive data collection enabled it to create a new seat design that provides the most comfortable seated experience ever for NEOREST NX owners. The new seat is a smooth, comfortable curve more suited to the shape of the human body than a simple flat shape.

New Tornado Flushing System
The NEOREST NX Intelligent Toilets’ newly redesigned Tornado Dual-Flush System consumes a mere 1.0 gpf for the full flush and 0.8 gpf for the light. Improving the aesthetics and performance of the standard Tornado Flushing System, TOTO moved the water nozzle from the left- to the right-front side on the new Tornado Flushing System, so it cannot be seen when standing facing the unit. This location best achieves both 360-degrees of high performance flushing and high bowl cleaning performance – and it is virtually inaudible. TOTO also improved rimless bowl; its new simpler shape and lip-less design is easier to keep beautifully fresh and clean.

Together, TOTO’s synergistic cleansing technologies -- CeFiONtect nano-technology bowl glaze, new Tornado Flushing System, and eWater+ -- are constantly working on homeowners’ behalf to keep the NEOREST NX Intelligent Toilets’ surfaces pristine, maintaining these intelligent toilets as a place that is always clean, inviting and comfortable to use.

The NEOREST NX 2’s Actilight Advanced Cleansing Technology starts with a plain water pre-mist that wets the bowl’s CeFiONtect glazed surface preventing waste’s adherence 80% better than a dry bowl. After each flush, TOTO’s eWater+ mists the bowl with electrolyzed water, which has a slightly acidic pH value, keeping the bowl fresh and clean longer.

Next, the NEOREST NX 2’s bowl is glazed with titanium dioxide and zirconium, giving it a lovely iridescent, mother‑of-pearl sheen. Extremely hydrophilic, the Actilight glaze makes it nearly impossible for organic substances to adhere to the bowl’s surface—enabling waste, lime scale, and mold to wash away with ease. Further, when activated by its integrated UV light, the Actilight surface triggers a process in which photocatalysis occurs, accelerating the decomposition of all organic substances in the bowl at the cellular level.

ZN Sensor FaucetKiwami Rectangular Lavatory with LinearCeram
TOTO introduces the new Kiwami Rectangular Lavatory with LinearCeram Technology, which is a testament to its innovative prowess in the area of materials science. By creating an exquisitely thin-walled, yet highly functional lavatory design, TOTO enhances the elegance of the bathroom experience with a new dimension in beauty. Although eye-catchingly thin-walled, the new lavatory’s rectangular design is extremely strong. Along the thinnest part of the lavatory’s’ frame, the LinearCeram is approximately half the thickness of a conventional basin wall. At the same time, the material has almost twice the tensile strength of fireclay.

The new Kiwami Rectangular Lavatory with LinearCeram Technology features CeFiONTect glaze, TOTO's proprietary technology for preventing the debris from sticking to surfaces and ensuring easy cleaning. CeFiONTect also offers superior durability for long-term use. Sophisticated and inviting to use, new Kiwami Rectangular Lavatory is a new paradigm in bathroom aesthetics.

ZN Sensor Faucet with SoftFlow Technology
TOTO introduces the first dual-sensor faucet designed for residential bathroom use. The ZN Sensor Faucet’s relaxed curve design is arched like a gently cresting wave – soft, but powerful. From the ZN Faucet’s SoftFlow Technology comes the touch of water at its most gentle.

The ZN Sensor Faucet’s SoftFlow Technology precisely balances the individual streams of water that gently caress the skin, with virtually no splash. The sensation to the touch is soft, luxurious and enriching. The ZN Sensor Faucet’s translucent water streams are exquisitely beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

Hands-Free Operation
The ZN Sensor Faucet is appointed with sensors to turn the faucet on and off and switch between hot and cold water. Simply waving the hand over the sensor operates the faucet.

Safety Thermo with SMA Thermostatic Valve Technology
The new ZN Sensor Faucet is equipped with Safety Thermo with Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Technology. TOTO’s SMA valve features a nickel and titanium alloy coil which responds to temperature changes more quickly than traditional wax-based systems, which prevents scalding.

The ZN Sensor Faucet pairs elegantly with TOTO’s new Kiwami Rectangular Lavatory with LinearCeram Technology.

Journalist’s Note: As with all TOTO products and initiatives, high-resolution digital images of the new NEOREST Collection products are available for download from TOTO’s Online Press Room or immediately upon request.

About TOTO
TOTO USA is headquarters for the Americas Division of the TOTO Global Group, which was established in 1917 with the founding of TOTO, Ltd., in Kitakyushu, Japan. TOTO is the world’s largest manufacturer of bathroom fixtures and fittings with $5.1 billion dollars in annual sales. For the past 100 years, TOTO has been the recognized leader in innovation, technology, performance, and design with products that enhance the luxury bathroom experience. Today, the company maintains 25,700 employees in 69 offices around the world and owns manufacturing facilities in Japan, Mexico, the USA, China and Europe with an affiliated network of more than 80 production facilities worldwide. With over 1,500 engineers on staff and three centers devoted to research and development, TOTO is dedicated to engineering products that respect the environment while meeting people's needs for comfort, beauty and performance. TOTO’s corporate philosophy— People First Innovation—is the guiding principle for all the company’s processes, from engineering and design to manufacturing and sales. Consumers enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing they purchased a brand that innovates to improve people’s quality of life. Winner of numerous domestic and international awards and recognitions, TOTO is the only plumbing manufacturer honored as Water Efficiency Leader by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The company continues to raise industry standards and consumer expectations as to what is possible in the bath space, as TOTO believes a high-quality bathroom is an experience and an everyday luxury people value and appreciate.

For more information, consumers may visit or call 1.888.295.8134, Option 5. Follow TOTO on Twitter (@TOTOUSA) and become a TOTO fan on Facebook.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2018
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