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Emmy-Winning TV Host Adrienne Bailon Takes Luxury Bathroom Design to New Heights With NEOREST Smart Bidet Toilets in Her Forever Home

Editor’s Note: Emmy-winning host and producer Adrienne Bailon has traveled the world touring as a musician and with her husband, Israel. So when the couple set out to remodel their new forever home in New York and welcome their first child, they sought out a refuge with comfort and amenities that rival the best hotels in the world. This meant they insisted on equipping the bathrooms with TOTO NEOREST smart bidet toilets and WASHLET+ bidet toilets.

Adrienne shared how she came to choose TOTO for her home, her life as a new mother, and how something as simple as a toilet can enrich her busy day-to-day life while providing the very best in comfort and cleanliness for her growing family.

Adrienne Bailon shows off her favorite bathroom technology — the NEOREST NX2 smart bidet toilet.

I’ve had the opportunity to stay in luxurious hotels in my travels over the years. And while I don’t remember the exact hotel, I do recall being taken aback by the TOTO toilets the first time I experienced one. From the warm seat to the fact it cleans and dries you, I’d never seen a toilet like this before. I remember coming out of the hotel bathroom and excitedly telling Israel that this is the most incredible, most luxurious thing ever. I knew that one day when we customized an entire house, I would need to have this in my home.

When you travel as much as we do, the hotels you stay in are often inspiration for the home we come back to. So when I was working on creating the home of our dreams, I wanted a place that no hotel could compare to. I wanted touches that made me really want to come home, but still feel like you’re on vacation.

People love to spend money and treat themselves to things like handbags or cars, but it is rare that we invest in the things that truly impact our lives. So, in creating my forever home, it was not totally about investing in the things that people see but rather paying more attention to my family’s personal experiences and how to enrich and add luxury to our day-to-day lives.

People say that how you start your day is how the rest of it will go. I start my morning being greeted by my NEOREST AH toilet with a warm seat and then get to experience a level of self-care I did not have before. It seems small, but this sets the tone for how the rest of my day goes. I’ve become spoiled with my bathroom and wish I had the same experience when on the road or in my dressing room.

As a new mom, it is great to have the NEOREST NX2 in the nursery bathroom. I wanted to do something very grand for my son’s first room and in doing so, I created a great experience for myself too, because we spend so much time with him in that room. My mother grew up in Puerto Rico with a latrine, so I feel proud that in two generations, we’ve been able to provide my son with luxury in his own bathroom.

It’s great to know that with the ACTILIGHT advanced bowl cleaning technology, there is an extra layer of hygiene protecting us, and I don’t have to worry as much about germs. In a way, I am actually looking forward to potty training my son with my TOTO toilet. Mirroring the enjoyable experience of me using the bathroom gives my son positive examples of using the bathroom, which I think will take some of the challenges of encouraging him to use the bathroom on his own.

Adrienne Bailon elevates her morning routine with the convenience and luxurious self-care of the NEOREST AH smart bidet toilet.

For my aging father, it is such a great asset to have a toilet that self-cleans and allows him to have some independence and dignity. I know one day, I will have my dad living with me, and I will get to take care of him in some way. I love the NEOREST’s heated seat and night light for him to have accessibility, but also it allows him to be clean. It takes the pressure off of caring for him as he ages.

My bathroom has become my great escape with my TOTO toilets. Even during parties, I find myself sneaking off to the bathroom for me time. It’s a place where people won’t bother me, and I can have a quiet moment. People do not realize that finding moments for yourself to take a break doing something mindless like scrolling through Instagram is a form of self-care — even if it’s sitting on the toilet. I’m lucky to have TOTO toilets in several bathrooms, so I love having personal settings that my husband and I can control our preferences no matter what toilet we use.

At the end of the day, it is important to me to provide the very best for my family. I love that I can find that in our toilets and bidet seats from TOTO. Adding technology and a luxury experience to our bathrooms may seem unexpected, but they are something I can’t imagine living without.

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