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ASA’s “On Aging” Conference: TOTO WASHLET Bidet Seats are a Boon to Older Adults and their Caregivers

In April, TOTO presented at the American Society on Aging’s “On Aging” conference for the second year in a row. “On Aging” is the largest multidisciplinary conference on aging in the U.S. The year’s meeting in New Orleans, LA, was held in person for the first time since 2019. 
American Society on Aging [ASA] LogoEvery year, “On Aging” gathers thousands of people working to support healthy aging to learn the latest trends and issues affecting older adults and their caregivers. This year’s theme, “Advancing Economic Security,” encompassed five tracks: Justice and Equity, Innovation and Social Impact, Health and Well-being, Economic Security, and Ageism and Culture.

TOTO was accepted to present a poster by researchers from Washington University Medical School, St. Louis’ Occupational Therapy Program, which TOTO supported. As a result of their study, the researchers found that every year, unpaid family members or friends provide nearly 30 billion hours (equal to $450 billion) of care for older adults so that they can age in place. 

Unfortunately, caregivers receive limited training in assisting with toilet hygiene, which increases their risk of physical injury and burnout. As a result, older adults are likely to be placed in a nursing home (costing approximately $105,972 annually). 

However, the researchers found that toilet technology such as an automated bidet seat, in conjunction with an occupational therapy intervention, can increase caregivers' and care recipients' quality of life and economic security.

WASHLET bidet seat with water coming from the wand During the conference, TOTO exhibited our WASHLET bidet seat, discussing with conferees how TOTO’s WASHLET bidet seats enable older adults to take care of their toileting needs themselves, preserving their privacy, dignity, and independence. It also relieves caregivers from the need to take care of this task.

WASHLET bidet seats provide an exceptionally comfortable warm-water personal cleansing experience that will leave older adults feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and confident. These high-tech bidet seats offer adjustable water temperature and volume, warm air drying with variable temperature settings, and a heated seat with temperature control, among numerous unique high-performance features. In addition, they offer a remote control, LED night light, dual-action spray with oscillating and pulsating water massage, and built-in air deodorizing system, to name a few. They also feature TOTO’s technologically advanced EWATER+ system, which automatically cleans the wand (before and after each use) and mists the bowl (after every use), reducing the need for harsh cleaning products.


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