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The Perfect TOTO WASHLET for a First-Time Buyer

Interested in bidet seats but unsure of where to start? TOTO has you covered!

By choosing a TOTO WASHLET, you’re selecting the world’s pinnacle bathroom brand to satisfy your healthy living needs. As you research, you will find that TOTO aims to exceed your expectations in the Aquia Cube C5 WASHLETmost critical areas – cleanliness, comfort, and usability. Whether your focus is on bowl shape, cleansing features, or overall design, TOTO’s WASHLET bidet seats are front and center in any remodeling conversation due to the TOTO’s high-quality engineering and long-lasting bathroom products. Dominating the personal hygiene category, TOTO’s WASHLET is perfect for a first-time buyer; it wins by the sheer value created by this line of products.

What is a WASHLET?

Recently, bidet seats have become widely talked about for their immense benefits. They gained a dramatic increase in popularity during the toilet paper shortage at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. You may be asking, “what is a WASHLET bidet seat?”

TOTO WASHLET bidet seats were first introduced in 1980; since then, TOTO has engineered a small fleet of bidet seat products guaranteed to capture any potential buyer's interest. Incorporating warm-water cleansing into people’s personal hygiene routine birthed a new personal cleanliness culture – a switch from wiping to washing -- praised by millions across the globe. By 1998, TOTO had sold over ten million WASHLETS and over fifty million by 2020. It’s no secret that comfort and cleanliness are top priorities for TOTO and remain core characteristics that account for TOTO’s WASHLET products being superior every time.

WASHLET History Banner. 1980: First Washlet. 1998: OVER 10 Million. 2005: OVER 20 million. 2011: OVER 30 million. 2015: OVER 40 million. 2020: OVER 50 million

As you browse TOTO’s WASHLET bidet seats, you’ll see clearly why TOTO’s design philosophy distinguishes it in the bathroom space. With innovative designs and technologies, WASHLET bidet seats have become standout products designed for the best clean possible.

TOTO’s product offerings extend far beyond WASHLET and WASHLET+; however, these products have significantly impacted TOTO’s shaping of the bidet seat industry. Sustainably produced with prominent innovative designs places TOTO WASHLETS in a league of its own, rewriting what it means to find peace amongst your bathroom appliances. Through form and function, TOTO’s WASHLET features far exceed those of its competitors with their outstanding engineering and technological expertise. And, with the proper guidance, you, too, can enjoy our high-quality bidet seat.

WASHLET Benefits

TOTO is founded on functionality, efficiency, and well-being in practical but relaxing bathroom environments — this is critical to the TOTO brand and your comfort entirely. Your confidence in our products is essential as we want our designs to properly align with your personal cleansing needs.

Aquia Cube C5 WASHLETAs TOTO continues engineering exceptional bathroom products, the benefits of a WASHLET bidet seat far outweigh those of other bidet seat brands. For example, its seamless seat design is intentionally designed to combat dirt and grime from everyday use. Its quick-release seat and handy wand cleaning feature reinforce TOTO’s fundamental desire for the most efficient clean possible. WASHLET’s auto open/close lid creates the opportunity for a hands-free toilet experience. Its built-in air deodorizer helps eliminate lingering odors and purifies the air after each use. Furthermore, TOTO’s material technology – CLEAN RESIN – allows for a more efficient clean unseen in other bidet seat brands.

TOTO’s corporate mission ensures the quality design, production, and the endorsement of sustainable design and manufacturing practices. We want the viability of your investment to be the least of your worries, so we engineer WASHLET bidet seats to be the most hygienic and eco-friendly option without sacrificing their luxurious appeal. TOTO’s WASHLET bidet seat fosters a “spa-like experience,” leaving you feeling refreshed and at ease every time. As you will find, cleansing with warm water is more thorough and elevates your personal hygiene routine than relying on toilet paper. With TOTO’s WASHLET bidet seat, you can select Rear Cleanse, Soft Rear Cleanse, Front Cleanse, Oscillating massage, or Pulsating Water Massage modes to personalize your cleansing experience.

WASHLET Bidet Seat Configurator

To guide you on your bidet journey, TOTO introduces its WASHLET Bidet Seat Configurator – the first of its kind. With this tool, you can quickly identify the product that is the best match for you and your home. The questionnaire takes approximately two minutes to complete and is constructed with you in mind.

To begin, you’re prompted with an option to choose between WASHLET and WASHLET +. This is an important distinction as the bidet seat replaces the toilet seat on your already installed toilet. The WASHLET+ is the bidet seat and toilet all in one. Once you have selected your product, you’re then asked how you want the water heated. Do you want an internal reservoir or an instantaneous water heater? TOTO wants your water heating preferences to be customized and fit your everyday needs accurately.

Next, you’re asked about the shape of your bowl – elongated or round. TOTO WASHLET bidet seat fits virtually all toilets sold in North America. You will then have the option of choosing a stylish, user-friendly remote or a convenient arm panel. Either option will enable you to program – or turn off – the WASHLET features as you see fit. Next, you can choose the color you prefer -- Cotton or Sedona beige – for your new TOTO WASHLET bidet seat.

For example, imagine you want a WASHLET bidet seat with instantaneous water heating, an automatic open and close lid, for an elongated bowl, in the color cotton. Your quiz result would populate with the WASHLET® S550E - CONTEMPORARY - ELONGATED WITH EWATER+.

Embodying a contemporary, sleek design, the WASHLET® S550E - CONTEMPORARY - ELONGATED WITH EWATER+ is an excellent option for design-forward bathroom environments. Fully automated with TOTO’s top-of-the-line features enables this WASHLET bidet seat to rank highly amongst our customers with over nine hundred and forty-five reviews at a five-star rating. 

You can view a comparison chart of all TOTO WASHLET bidet seats here.


Though the WASHLET S550e is a top-of-the-line, TOTO’s iconic WASHLET C5 bidet seat is another excellent choice guaranteed to wow you, your family, and your friends! Currently ranked as the top pick in Wirecutter’s “Best Bidet Toilet Seat or WASHLET,” many are witnessing TOTO’s expertise in producing a well-rounded bidet seat option. The WASHLET C5 comprises the perfect blend of product features, price, and ease of use as TOTO’s goal is always to encourage more people to join the WASHLET revolution.

As consumers, we want our products to grow with us; we expect high-quality products to feel like we’re getting the best offer truly possible. With long-standing features like warm-water cleansing, warm air drying, a built-in air deodorizer, and EWATER+ to automatically clean the wand inside and out, before and after each use, TOTO’s WASHLET C5 bidet seat is a compelling choice to start your bidet seat journey. 

WASHLET C5TOTO‘s WASHLET C5 leads with its core luxuries of adjustable front and rear cleansing options, PREMIST technology, and a heated seat. These features alone are bound to convince you that TOTO is the bidet seat brand for you. Intentionally engineering adjustable features in TOTO products increases user-friendliness, making them compatible for all. Not to mention, the WASHLET C5 has an easy do-it-yourself installation, which eliminates the need for help outside of the home.

TOTO’s technology —PREMIST and EWATER+ — contribute primarily to your toilet bowl’s maintenance and overall cleanliness, so you enjoy a fresh, clean experience every time. PREMIST sprays water on the toilet bowl before each use to create bowl surfaces that are hard for waste to stick on. TOTO is celebrated for its innovative E-WATER technology, and the self-cleaning wand is an extension of that. Angled to accentuate your self-rinsing comfort, the WASHLET wand delivers the perfect personal cleansing experience. Coupled with a convenient remote, your WASHLET personal cleansing experience is only a few clicks away. 

TOTO is committed to making your life easier and understands the importance of having complete confidence in your home investment. Creating a durable, high-quality product that will stand the test of time without forfeiting all personal comfort or aesthetic aspects is tough to accomplish. Still, it is entirely worthwhile when our customers gain satisfaction from their purchase.



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