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TOTO Says Bye-Bye to Bidet Myths: 20 Fallacies Exposed

TOTO WASHLET® bidet seats are gaining popularity in North America. WASHLET offers a more hygienic, eco-friendly, and comfortable alternative to toilet paper. But many myths about bidets persist. Let’s take a minute to discredit these fallacies.

Automatic self-cleaning WASHLET bidet wand, EWATER+ water streaming, demonstrating TOTO's advanced cleaning technology.
Experience the future of clean with TOTO WASHLET’s advanced self-cleaning wand with EWATER+ (electrolyzed water) technology.

Fallacy #1: Bidets are unsanitary and spread germs.

Reality: TOTO WASHLET bidet seats are incredibly hygienic. They use self-cleaning wands that automatically clean themselves inside and out with EWATER+® (electrolyzed water) before and after each use. They also spray the toilet bowl with EWATER+, helping keep it clean.

Fallacy #2: Using a bidet uses more water than toilet paper.

Reality: WASHLET bidet seats use less than 20 ounces of water per use. Toilet paper requires approximately 37 gallons of water to make one roll. WASHLETs are water-efficient and eco-friendly.

Fallacy #3: Bidets’ water stream is cold and unpleasant.

Reality: All TOTO WASHLET models provide warm aerated water, which users adjust to their preferred temperature. They enjoy a pleasant, warm, aerated water cleansing experience all year round.

Fallacy #4: Bidets are uncomfortable.

Reality: TOTO WASHLETs provide a spa-like experience with personalized water pressure and temperature, an adjustable heated seat, and a custom warm air dryer. WASHLET bidet seats provide users a luxurious, soothing experience, including those with sensitive skin or perineal conditions.

Top view of a TOTO WASHLET bidet seat with a self-cleaning wand spraying water, showcasing its advanced cleansing capability.
Discover next-level cleanliness and comfort with the TOTO WASHLET — where innovative design meets the ultimate in personal hygiene.

Fallacy #5: Using toilet paper is cleaner and cheaper.

Reality: Water cleans better than toilet paper, which leaves residue and can spread bacteria. Although a bidet seat costs more upfront, long-term savings on toilet paper make WASHLET models more economical. Americans spend nearly $60 to $90 annually on toilet paper; bidets can cut this cost by up to 75%.

Fallacy #6: Bidets waste water.

Reality: Bidets are more water-efficient than toilet paper. WASHLETs use minimal water while significantly reducing the environmental impact of toilet paper production and disposal.

Fallacy #7: Bidets are difficult to install and maintain.

Reality: Homeowners can easily install TOTO WASHLET bidet seats without a plumber. WASHLETs come with easy-to-follow installation guides or an app and need minimal maintenance, thanks to their self-cleaning wands.

Fallacy #8: Bidets are expensive.

Reality: While some premium WASHLET bidet models are pricier, there are plenty of budget-friendly options available. Investing in a WASHLET bidet seat saves money over time by reducing toilet paper use and preventing plumbing clogs.

Spacious modern bathroom with a TOTO WASHLET C5 bidet seat, a freestanding bathtub, and large windows letting in natural light.
Transform your bathroom into a luxurious spa-like retreat with the sleek and stylish TOTO WASHLET C5, bringing unparalleled cleanliness and comfort to your daily routine.

Fallacy #9: Bidets are weird.

Reality: Bidets might seem unusual to those who haven’t tried them. However, they are widely used worldwide for their superior cleaning abilities. Once people try a WASHLET, they often prefer it over traditional toilet paper.

Fallacy #10: Bidets don’t fit all toilets.

Reality: TOTO designs WASHLET bidet seats to fit most standard toilets. The installation process is straightforward and DIY, with detailed instructions to ensure compatibility.

Fallacy #11: Bidets are difficult to install.

Reality: TOTO WASHLET bidet seats can be installed easily with basic tools. They come with comprehensive installation guides. TOTO also offers an app, a video, and its Technical Support Team (888.295.8134, Ext 4) to help you.

Fallacy #12: Bidets are not suitable for everyone.

Reality: TOTO WASHLET models cater to a wide range of users, including those with limited mobility, seniors, and individuals with perineal conditions. Personalized settings ensure a comfortable, hygienic experience for all.

Fallacy #13: Bidets are messy.

Reality: TOTO WASHLET bidets are designed to prevent messes with a precise water spray and adjustable wand position. Features like warm air dryers enhance the cleansing experience by eliminating the need for additional wiping.

Fallacy #14: Bidets take up too much space.

Reality: Modern bidet seats, like TOTO WASHLETs, replace existing toilet seats and do not need extra space. They are ideal for bathrooms of all sizes.

Fallacy #15: Toilet paper is cheaper than using a bidet.

Reality: While a bidet costs more upfront than a roll of toilet paper, it saves money in the long run by reducing toilet paper use. WASHLET models significantly reduce the need for toilet paper, leading to significant cost savings over time.

Fallacy #16: Bidets are a luxury for the wealthy.

Reality: TOTO WASHLETs come in a range of models and prices. There are options for all budgets, from introductory models to those with advanced features and technologies.

Fallacy #17: Bidets are only for women.

Reality: Bidets are beneficial for all genders. They provide thorough cleansing and are particularly useful for anyone seeking better hygiene, regardless of gender.

Close-up of a TOTO WASHLET wand spraying warm water, demonstrating its advanced Wonder Wave technology for effective cleansing.
Feel the clean like never before with TOTO WASHLET’s cutting-edge Wonder Wave technology.

Fallacy #18: Bidets are unnecessary if you shower regularly.

Reality: A WASHLET bidet provides immediate cleansing after toileting, enhancing daily hygiene. It offers a level of cleanliness that showering alone cannot achieve, especially after every bathroom break.

Fallacy #19: Bidets spray waste everywhere.

Reality: WASHLET bidet seats provide targeted cleansing. The wand directs water precisely to the intended area, ensuring thorough cleansing without splashing or spraying beyond the perineal area.

Fallacy #20: Bidets are complicated to use.

Reality: TOTO WASHLET bidet seats are user-friendly, with intuitive controls and customizable settings. Users can easily adjust water temperature, pressure, and wand position to suit their preferences.

WASHLET Bidet Seats’ Additional Benefits

TOTO WASHLET bidet seats offer many great benefits, making them a smart choice for any bathroom. They offer adjustable heated seats, providing extra comfort during colder months, and a gentle, warm water stream that cleanses thoroughly as it soothes and reduces irritation. This is especially helpful for those with hemorrhoids or sensitive skin.

Modern bathroom with natural light and greenery showcasing a TOTO WASHLET K300 bidet seat and its chic design.
Elevate your bathroom experience with the modern elegance and advanced features of the TOTO WASHLET K300, blending style and innovation seamlessly.

Advanced features like air deodorizing systems eliminate bathroom odors, and warm air dryers reduce the need for toilet paper. Many models also offer customizable presets, allowing family members to set their preferred water pressure, temperature, and wand position. They can also set their preferred temperatures for the heated seat and warm air dryer.

WASHLET bidet seats are also environmentally friendly, reducing the need for toilet paper, which involves deforestation, high water usage, and chemical processing. They boost personal hygiene, helping lower the risk of infections, and help those with mobility issues maintain cleanliness without needing extensive physical effort or assistance.

There are WASHLET models to fit every budget, and the long-term savings on toilet paper and fewer plumbing clogs make it a smart investment. Designed with user convenience and comfort in mind, features like night lights, easy-to-read control panels, and sleek designs make WASHLET bidet seats a practical and stylish addition to any bathroom.

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