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WASHLET and WASHLET+: Why Both Will
Impress Your Guests This Holiday Season

Join us as we look inside the homes of two different couples as they experience the wonders of TOTO's timeless bidet toilets and bidet seats.

A gift for everyone

It’s Saturday night, the holiday dinner is over, and these two couples have convinced their neighbors to upgrade their bathrooms with TOTO’s WASHLET+ bidet toilet and WASHLET bidet seat. Let’s find out how.

Image of Nexus WASHLET+ S550e Toilet An affluent couple living in downtown Chicago’s The Loop community, Will and Gia are known to appreciate unique modern home furnishings. Gia is an interior designer, who has worked in the Chicago area for six years, and Will is an up-and-coming architect. He is always on the hunt for products with high-quality craftsmanship and practical functionality.

As an early holiday gift for Gia, Will chose a new Nexus WASHLET®+ S550e -- with its warm-aerated water to cleanse and warm-air to dry, which helps protect the environment by reducing the need for toilet tissue. The Nexus WASHLET+ S550e’s chrome accents and contemporary design intrigued the couple, and its remote control functionality added to the overall presentation. Plus, heated seats in Chicago during the winter? A no-brainer.

When their guests wanted more details, the couple explained that the Nexus WASHLET®+ S550E is a skirted one-piece, universal height toilet with TOTO’s special CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze that prevents waste from adhering to the toilet bowl’s surface. Will pointed out that the unit’s universal height feature would help ensure that their investment continued to grow, and it would benefit them as they lived in place into their golden years. Their parents loved it when they came to visit!

As Will and Gia shared, the Nexus WASHLET+ S550e offers EWATER+® technology, which automatically cleans the wand and bowl after every use, and it automatically opens and closes the lid. This WASHLET+ bidet toilet comes with an optional automatic flush feature, which Will purchased for Gia.

By the evening’s end, the couple continued their reign as the “Talk of the Town,” and all their guests wanted an upgraded bathroom like theirs.

Friendsgiving: Hosts for the Holidays 

It’s the time of year when Kayla and Shay host their annual Friendsgiving dinner! Shay, excited to show off her mother’s dressing recipe, began cooking furiously in preparation for the guests. Luckily, it was a potluck, so no one had to prepare the entire meal. 

Image of Social Influencer, Corinth Suarez with her TOTO WASHLET

Social Influencer Corinth Suarez shows
off her new TOTO WASHLET C5

With the well-curated holiday playlist blaring in the background, Kayla began her holiday cleaning journey in the guest bathroom. As she tidied the toilet area around their WASHLET C5, Kayla remembered her first encounter with a WASHLET electronic bidet seat. 

Her aunt traveled to Japan many times and was fascinated by how integral the WASHLET was to their daily life. After her experiences with WASHLET in Japan, Kayla’s aunt was convinced that personal cleansing with water should be the standard. She returned hooked on the TOTO WASHLET bidet seat.

Persuaded by her aunt, plus the PREMIST® before each use, deodorizer, and personal cleansing benefits, Kayla and her partner decided to purchase a WASHLET C5 electronic bidet seat. 

Image of WASHLET C5They were attracted to the step-by-step, 3D installation instructions from TOTO on the BILT app and the fact that WASHLET seats fit virtually any toilet. When they used the WASHLET, they were delighted to learn how easy it was to operate. A simple touch of a button on its remote cleanses the area you’ve chosen -- front or rear, and the WASHLET self- cleansing wand with EWATER+, inside and out, before and after every use. 

Kayla and Shay not only wanted their guests to feel comfortable but also that they prioritize their guests’ cleanliness. 

Both couples’ experiences with neighbors, friends, or family pose an important question: When we always put out our best china, towels, and pillows for guests, why not include a TOTO WASHLET+ bidet toilet or WASHLET bidet seat, too?


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