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What's the Difference?

Many people are curious about the differences between WASHLET and WASHLET+, so we thought we'd take a minute to explore them.

WASHLET Bidet Seat

WASHLET, the luxury high-tech bidet seat by TOTO, is one of our most iconic products. In 1980, TOTO reinvented the humble toilet seat as a luxury, high-tech personal cleansing system and sparked a global revolution in personal hygiene.

WASHLET bidet seat To date, TOTO has sold more than 60 million WASHLET models worldwide, helping millions of people across the globe feel clean and comfortable.

Today, WASHLET is recognized as the best-selling brand of toilet seats with bidet functions in the world.[1]

When TOTO launched WASHLET, we established an entirely new kind of luxury personal care product. Far superior to the toilet paper alternative, WASHLET high-tech bidet seats use pure, clean water and a multitude of technological innovations to make you cleaner and more refreshed than you have ever felt after a bathroom break.

We offer a variety of WASHLET models, from the introductory WASHLET C2 — to the intermediate WASHLET C5 — all the way to the top-of-the-line WASHLET S7A Contemporary or WASHLET S7A Classic, to name but a few.

WASHLET fits most existing toilets. To learn if your toilet is suited to WASHLET installation, check out our “TOTO Tips” entry, “Will a WASHLET fit a Non-TOTO Toilet?”

Image of BILT Intelligent Instructions QR Code Installing your WASHLET bidet seat is as easy as changing your toilet seat. To help, we developed a step-by-step 3D installation app with Bilt Intelligent Instructions. It’s available for iOS and Android devices (both tablet and smartphone). Just scan this QR code or download it from the Apple or Google Play Store.

We also offer step-by-step video installation instructions. These general installation instructions apply to most WASHLET models. Finally, WASHLET installation instructions come in its box, along with your WASHLET Owner’s Manual.

WASHLET+ Bidet Toilet

If you’ve decided to replace your toilet, we suggest the WASHLET+ Integrated Bidet Toilet. TOTO offers a wide range of WASHLET+ models to fit a bathroom’s Transitional or Modern interior design.

Image of deconstructed WASHLET + Model With WASHLET+, you will enjoy the seamless integration of WASHLET Bidet Seat and TOTO Toilet (no supply connections – water or electrical -- will show). Not only does WASHLET+ have an elegant appearance, but also it makes cleaning easier because there are fewer places for dust and debris to collect.

TOTO WASHLET+ models, like all TOTO Toilets, clear the bowl first time, every time. Our proprietary rimless bowl design and 2.5 diameter trapway use 100% of the water to remove waste effectively and clean every inch of the bowl and rim. The TORNADO FLUSH SYSTEM optimizes water conservation (1.28 or 1.0 gallons per flush) while setting a high bar in quiet world-class flushing performance.

Finally, TOTO WASHLET+ bidet toilets provide three bowl cleaning technologies that work together. Called “Clean Synergy,” these proprietary TOTO technologies keep the bowl beautifully fresh and clean at all times:

Image of TOTO WASHLET+ bidet toiletPREMIST: The bowl’s interior is sprayed with a fine mist of water to reduce waste’s ability to stick to its surface.

CEFIONTECT: TOTO’s nano-technology glaze seals the porcelain with an ionized barrier, creating a super-slippery, non-porous surface that repels matter, mold, and mildew.

EWATER+: The cleanliness of the bowl’s surface is ensured by misting it with EWATER+ to automatically keep the bowl and WASHLET wand clean. EWATER+ uses no chemicals or cleaning agents, providing peace of mind every day that microscopic build-up has no place to hide.

[1]In 2018, Euromonitor International, Ltd., a global leader in international market research, certified WASHLET as the world’s number one brand of electric toilet seats with bidet functionality based its sales volume.

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