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What is a WASHLET Bidet Seat
and Why You Need One

The WASHLET bidet seat by TOTO offers a way to be cleaner and more self-assured every day of your life. In short, WASHLET makes personal hygiene better in every way, giving you the kind of clean that leaves you refreshed, rejuvenated, and confident.

What exactly is WASHLET? Is it a fancy toilet? A bidet?  Actually, it's neither. Basically, WASHLET is a toilet seat -- a pretty remarkable toilet seat – that's easily installed on virtually any toilet.

WASHLET Bidet SeatTOTO's WASHLET bidet seat uses pure, clean water – and a bunch of amazing technology – to make you cleaner and more refreshed than you ever felt after a bathroom break. 

So, who's it for?  Everyone. Young, old, men, women. People who want to feel cleaner, fresher, and more confident. People like YOU!

How to use WASHLET

Using WASHLET couldn't be simpler or comfier -- as you'll know from the first time you sit on its heated seat

WASHLET makes it all so easy: you just sit down, do what you came to do, then reach for the remote. Select the area you want to cleanse, and, with the push of a button, WASHLET does the rest.

A small wand, just below the seat, extends, and a gentle stream of warm aerated water cleanses you – precisely, comfortably, completely. Nothing touches you, but pure, clean water, and the water goes only where it needs to go. Check it out! The wand automatically cleans itself with EWATER+ -- inside and out before and after every use.

Push another button on the remote, and warm air dries you.

WASHLET even automatically neutralizes the air in the bowl, leaving it fresh. No more embarrassing "after smell."

WASHLET vs. Traditional Paperwork

So, what makes WASHLET better than toilet paper? And why exactly do you need one? In a word, water. Water cleans you better and more thoroughly than any other way – and that includes toilet paper.

Think about it. When we wash our bodies, we use water. We wash our hands, our faces, our hair with water. We, humans, love water, and nothing cleans, refreshes, and revitalizes us better.

When it comes to personal hygiene, toilet paper tends to distribute the problem. As a result, you're never truly clean. With WASHLET, on the other hand, water simply rinses it away.

TOTO's WASHLET bidet seat does its amazing work with pure, clean water straight from your home's clean water supply. It gives you a more hygienic clean. What's more, when you reach for the remote and -- not the roll -- it's a hands-free clean.

So, how exactly does WASHLET use water to do what it does?

AIR-IN WONDER-WAVE is just one of TOTO's patented WASHLET waveforms. It's an example of how WASHLET uses small, ingeniously patterned bursts of water for a clean that's soothing, refreshing, and complete.

You can select from Rear Cleanse, Soft Rear Cleanse, Front Cleanse (for ladies), and Oscillating or Pulsating Water Massage modes. All of which will put you into Relaxation Mode.

If this all still seems a bit incredible to you, consider this: since 1980, more than 50 million people worldwide have relied on WASHLET to help them be cleaner and more confident every day. You can, too!


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