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Hall of Fame Drummer Matt Sorum
Creates a Bathroom Fit
for a Rock Star With the NEOREST® NX2

Editors’ Note: Grammy-winning drummer Matt Sorum has spent a decadent life on the road touring the world with rock legends while performing in bands like Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver. Last year he and his wife, Ace, welcomed their new daughter and traded the madness of L.A. for the calm of the California desert.

When they set out to remodel their beautiful Palm Springs home, Matt and Ace wanted to create an oasis and escape to gather with friends and family. In their new bathrooms, Matt knew he wanted TOTO NEOREST, a smart toilet with the features and design fit for a rock star and his family. Matt shared with TOTO how he came to choose the NEOREST NX2, his favorite TOTO features, and his history with TOTO.

Matt SorumIt is interesting how I first came to know TOTO. My mother was a retired teacher who became a real estate agent later in life. I remember hearing her talk about people with lovely homes, and she’d say, oh, they have TOTO toilets. Even at a young age, I knew that TOTO as a brand was special and represented a higher-end lifestyle. TOTO was just part of my vocabulary, so in my world travels, I would take notice when hotels or restaurants had TOTO fixtures.

I was introduced to my first NEOREST while on tour with my band in Japan. It struck me then as a new level of comfort and captured my imagination. I’m amazed when people want to spend lots of money on cars, watches, or even nice bed linens but settle for a regular, run-of-the-mill toilet. They forget how much they use their toilet and how important it is in their daily life. For us, the NEOREST is the ultimate in self-care. But it is also an example of the finer things in life.

When we remodeled our primary bathroom, we wanted to transform the room, so it felt like you were entering a realm of relaxation. When you walk into our bathroom, it feels like a spa with marble-encased walls. Our NEOREST is a huge piece of that self-care experience we created and has the sleek design to complete our look.

We wanted to convert others to the love of the NEOREST and installed another NEOREST NX2 in our guest bathroom. It has become a true conversation piece for guests at parties and a highlight when we give friends a tour of the home and our remodel. People come over, we have a glass of wine, and begin the tour in the kitchen. By the time we get to the guest bathroom, which is done in beautiful Venetian plaster with marble countertops, people are solely focused on the TOTO smart toilet, especially when its lid opens automatically as they walk near it. People just have not seen anything like it before. It is a real showstopper, always.

Our NEOREST NX2 is like a piece of art to me. I love collecting art and explaining pieces around the house. I’ll show friends some of my favorite pieces. They say things like, “how nice” or “Oh, alright.” I understand art is subjective, and not everyone will like it. But everyone loves my NEOREST NX2 even before their first time using a smart toilet with a built-in bidet and heated seat that dries you. The design itself stops people in their tracks. I even had a guest walk right past an original Banksy piece to ogle over my TOTO.

I might brag a bit about my TOTO NEOREST NX2, but it is like anything that has the name and tradition that comes with TOTO, like Rolex watches. I’ve always wanted the best things in life, and getting something that is beautifully created and allows me to take care of myself in this remodel is a realization of that. We all deserve beauty and self-care and having TOTO as part of our home lets me know I have arrived. I'm very honored to have these pieces in my house, and my wife feels the same way.



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