EcoPower Flush Valves

EcoPower sensor flush valves are energy-saving, durable and provide maximum performance in even the most demanding, high-traffic commercial spaces.

TOTO EcoPower flush valves offer easy installation without the cost and downtime required to install power supplies and wiring for each valve. A hydro-powered turbine charges the power supply during usage, eliminating the need for battery replacement. TOTO’s piston valve technology is a marked improvement over traditional rubber diaphragm-type valves. Longer piston travel and a self-cleaning 360° debris screen reduce common problems such as continuous running and flooding. The piston seat itself will not warp or mis-seal, thus significantly reducing repair and maintenance costs. A micro-porous cup seal keeps the piston self-lubricated upon each activation with the incoming water supply. The advanced “hands-free” technology ensures a clean and sanitary bathroom.

The Benefits
EcoPower delivers much more…

…and uses much less:

Our High Efficiency EcoPower Sensor Flushometer Valves (EFVs) are system-engineered to provide optimal water efficiency and performance when paired with TOTO commercial HETs and HEUs. A TOTO-designed system also saves a considerable amount of energy.

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