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EcoPower, The Smarter Faucet 

Here’s a solution that, like so many great ideas, seems obvious once you hear it. The TOTO EcoPower faucet is similar to other sensor faucets in hotels, restaurants and public restrooms, in that it anticipates your need for water with a discreet sensor. This trigger alone reduces water consumption dramatically –water flows only when it’s needed, and the faucet can’t accidentally be left running.

But our EcoPower models are different in a big way. Unlike other sensor faucets, ours require no electricity or disposable battery replacement for sensor operation. Instead, contemporary-styled spouts provide a cascading flow of water over the users’ hands – less than one-tenth of a gallon per cycle – while a hydro-powered turbine charges up from the very same flow of water, storing the electrical current in rechargeable cells that, in turn, power the sensor for the next user. And EcoPower is highly efficient, replenishing its charge in as few as five uses daily, with optimum performance at 10 uses per day.

At TOTO, we make no secret of our reverence for water, and we’re always looking for new ways to conserve and maximize its potential. Keep checking back, because there are always new developments on our horizon.

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