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The Getaway Space

As our culture accelerates and fragments, with an always-on philosophy where work can happen anywhere and technological interruptions are the norm, it should be no surprise that people are looking for an escape. The bathroom is turning out to be a key place they turn to for sanctuary. And they’re spending to make it perfect.

Since 2009, bathrooms have topped the list of homeowners’ remodeling projects. Average spending around $16,000 per project, according to the National Association of Home Builders, though some builders report clients spending upwards of $45,000 for a master bathroom remodel. The desire for beautiful, functional fixtures is almost a given, but it’s the settings they’re placed in and how they’re arranged that is also making a difference.

Showers are adding steam and getting bigger, with more glass. In some cases, they are simply becoming an extension of the bathroom floor – with no door or curtain at all. Additional windows and skylights are also popular for bringing the outdoors in, creating a natural, spa-like atmosphere. And walled-off toilets, which give more privacy but also make the bathroom a space that can be enjoyed by more than one family member at a time, are being seen frequently. The toilets themselves do more, with warmed seats, integrated bidets, and sometimes even music. Double vanities, heated floors, steam baths, small coolers and even flat-screen TVs are on the list of popular luxe bathroom additions, too, showing that luxury and indulgence are leading the way.

Alternatives to linoleum and glazed tiles are also a growing trend, though that doesn’t have to mean marble. Porcelain, stone and glass tiles, bamboo and wood-like tiles are being used to add a fresh, contemporary feeling – and to add warmth. And that, in the end, is the essence of the ultimate getaway space: a place that feels warm and welcoming, comforting and secluded and serene. For a guarantee of that, it’s no wonder that remodelers are finding the bathroom a great place to make a beautiful, luxurious difference in their homes.

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