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International Design Calls for Global Solutions

As air travel has become routine and technology builds global connections, architects and designers increasingly work internationally. But even though today’s global citizens are more closely connected than ever before, tastes and customs vary in different communities—creating new design challenges. TOTO offers solutions for every step of the process, from sales and distribution to service.

As an international job takes shape, TOTO’s global sales team is poised to consult with architects, owners, and developers to realize projects of any scale. Though we serve diverse markets with specific products chosen to match local needs and tastes, every TOTO bathroom has one thing in common: our long history of innovation, quality, and eco-friendly design. And in response to the growing trend toward global standardization, TOTO has built a Sales Consultancy team that can help to develop solutions.

TOTO products meet or exceed international environmental and accessibility standards. And TOTO’s innovative materials and technology can help to dramatically reduce the need for toxic cleaning agents—resulting in lower maintenance costs, less water consumption, and a smaller environmental impact.

Whether your project is in Hong Kong or Houston, a home or a hotel, TOTO offers a variety of styles to suit every taste—and each product is developed according to universal design principles. It’s part of our commitment to creating a cleaner, fresher, more comfortable experience for everyone, everywhere.

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