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Smart Bathroom

Life Anew NEXT: Smart, Fully Connected Public Restrooms

TO PROVIDE consumers with a consistently clean, comfortable restroom experience no matter where they travel, TOTO has collaborated with GP PRO, a division of Georgia-Pacific and a leading provider of advanced dispensing solutions for commercial facilities.

To deliver this restroom of the future, the companies harnessed GP PRO’s award-winning KOLO Smart Monitoring System, which delivers reliable, customizable and secure monitoring and analysis of connected restroom fixtures to a dashboard that facility managers monitor via tablet or computer. For example, facility managers and their custodial staff will receive real-time updates and alerts on:

  1. the number of toilet and faucet activations and their water consumption;
  2. fixture over-utilization and operational abnormalities such as leaks or overflows;
  3. toilet paper, towel, and soap levels, preventing partial rolls or bottles from being discarded too soon;
  4. user safety, alerting staff to check ADA stalls; and
  5. optimized cleaning schedules for volume based cleaning and workforce management.

Facility managers will be able to harness this information to dramatically increase consumers’ satisfaction with their public restroom experience and solve real-world business issues to better manage their work force and make substantial cost savings in their restrooms’ operation.

To its collaboration with GP PRO, TOTO brought its proven smart sensor EcoPower faucets and flush valves, which create their own electricity every time water spins their small internal turbine (no need for hardwiring to a building’s electrical system or for routine disposable battery replacement, which is costly and toxic to the environment). Because TOTO’s EcoPower products generate their own energy, they continue to operate without interruption if the building loses its electricity. If the building’s internet service goes out, they continue to collect data on their usage to be transmitted when the internet connection is restored.

Go here to see the full press release.

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