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CEFIONTECT is an ultra-smooth ceramic glaze that coats the toilet bowl. Its microscopic surface ridges are far smaller than waste particles, leaving no place for waste to gain a foothold. Extremely durable, CEFIONTECT is designed for enduring beauty and cleanliness.

How small is a nanometer?


of one millimeter

Which means TOTO ceramic is so smooth that the ridges are equivalent in scale to a human hair on a baseball field.

Eliminating the microscopic gaps where waste hides

Conventional ceramic may appear perfectly smooth to the eyes,but has gaps where waste hide. At just one millionth of a millimeter, CEFIONTECT's surface ridges are much tinier than waste particles.

Enlarged sectional image of toilet surface

What makes CEFIONTECT so durable?

CEFIONTECT toilet micrograph *1μm=0.001mm

Glass layers are burned onto conventional glaze, making CEFIONTECT an extremely durable material.

Water has a strong affinity to CEFIONTECT

Hydrophilic describes organisms and materials that attract water. CEFIONTECT is hydrophilic. Water spreads easily over the toilet bowl, so waste particles easily wash away.

Water hydrophobic

Water hydophilic

TORNADO FLUSH not only cleans more effectively, it does so quietly using less water. Powerful streams of water merge and swirl 360 degrees, washing every spot inside the RIMLESS toilet bowl.

Powerful washing where waste accumulates most easily

TORNADO FLUSH’s dynamic waterjet discharges from near the front of the toilet bowl, travels in a narrow channel along a hairpin curve, and with sustained water pressure thoroughly cleanses the areas where waste accumulates most easily—and then washes the entire bowl clean. Exquisitely high-quality ceramic makes this innovative design possible.


The RIMLESS design not only leaves no place for waste to hide. It also makes for a much easier to clean toilet.

EWATER+ washes the wand and toilet bowl where waste tend to accumulate and produce stains that can become permanent. Using no chemicals or cleaning agent, EWATER+ provides peace of mind every day.

EWATER Description

Survey: Study the effectiveness of EWATER+ by comparing the state of cleanliness of toilet bowls that receive no cleaning versus toilet bowls that are self-cleaned with EWATER+. No additional cleaning was allowed. Survey period: One month (Feb. - Mar. 2017). Subjects: Families of four. *Results vary according to usage and environmental conditions. All data collected by TOTO.

How EWATER+ cleans

Before use

Right Arrow

PREMIST®, a mist of ordinary water is sprayed inside the toilet

During use

Right Arrow

Since waste is less able to adhere to a wet surface, it is more easily washed away

After use

Right Arrow

EWATER+ is applied to clean the wand and toilet bowl

During Standby

EWATER+ is automatically sprayed 8 hours after the last use


PREMIST automatically sprays water over the surface of the inner toilet bowl before every use. Due to the ceramic’s hydrophilic nature, waste washes away more easily.

Premist Description

Before and after each use, the wand automatically washes itself with EWATER+. This thorough cleaning occurs inside the wand as well as all around the exterior. Even when the toilet is not being used, the wand periodically cleans itself to ensure constant hygienic conditions.

self-cleaning inside the machanism, too

Before use

Right Arrow

Self-cleans with water

During use

Right Arrow

Self-cleans with water

After use

Right Arrow

Self-cleanses inside and out with EWATER+

During Standby

Self-cleanses inside with EWATER+

Survey: Study the effectiveness of EWATER+ by comparing the state of cleanliness of wands self-cleaned with EWATER+ versus those that are not. No additional cleaning was allowed.
Survey period: Two months (Sep. - Oct. 2017).
Subjects: Families of four.
*Results vary according to usage, environmental conditions, and product type. All data collected by TOTO.

Always Keeping Conditions Clean

Made of high-quality waste-resistant resin and automatically sprayed with EWATER+ after each use, the wand is extremely resistant to waste and stains. What’s more, the wand attaches to the seat, not the bowl, so waste is less likely to even reach it. Though the wand is self-cleaning, you will appreciate how easily you can reach it and wipe it spotless.


The antifouling component embedded in the material covers the surface of the material to form a protective film. The protective film suppresses the adhesion of dirt and makes it easy to remove dirt. *Resins that do not contain antifouling components before 2012..

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