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Lifestyle Influencer Patrick Janelle
Transforms His Loft Apartment Bathroom
Into an Oasis of Timeless Beauty
and Comfort With TOTO

Editor’s Note: Patrick Janelle, a well-known lifestyle influencer, lives a busy life keeping his finger on the pulse of New York City while finding time to entertain in his newly renovated downtown rental. Inspired by hotels from his many travels, Patrick created an elegant-yet-eclectic interior for his own home. Patrick chose TOTO products to outfit his bathroom with sophisticated and luxurious amenities.

Patrick shared some of the inspirations behind his bathroom remodel and what it was like to make big changes and not settle for mediocrity in a rented space.

Patrick Janelle

When I moved into my NYC Flatiron loft apartment last year, I decided that—even while renting—I wouldn't be caught in the same trap, living for years in an outdated apartment while pining for a space that felt more modern, more fresh, and ultimately, more me. I was lucky to have a landlord willing to let me upgrade the space with some substantial changes.

Overall, I think hotels have become our standard for luxury – especially in the bathroom space. I’ve taken a lot of cues from various places and boutique hotel properties I’ve visited, including TOTO’s bidet toilets. I knew the look and feel I wanted in my bathroom, and after visiting the TOTO New York Gallery Showroom near my apartment in Manhattan, I was sold on having TOTO throughout the bath.

TOTO has always been a brand that I admired as a signifier of quality. Before visiting the showroom, I was mostly familiar with TOTO’s famous bidet toilets from my travels. I quickly fell in love with the full line of fixtures and the classic and contemporary design of TOTO’s products.

I prefer mixing classic and modern styles that feature top-of-the-line technology, which is why I turned to TOTO. The bathroom is a place that I visit first thing in the morning, the last place I turn off the lights at night, and somewhere I frequent in between. I knew TOTO would help me create an environment where I could have all the pieces work seamlessly together. My whole bathroom could become a perfect retreat.

In reconfiguring the layout of the bathroom, I created more space. I wanted a clean pedestal sink and chose the Promenade Pedestal Lavatory topped with the modern GF Single-Handle Faucet, which offers seamless control with one lever. It feels so sleek but simple and modern to have one control. The TOTO Classic Showerhead 5 Mode is understated but offers a true hotel-esque shower experience. Another hotel moment I took advantage of was replacing towel bars with TOTO’s Classic Collection Series A Robe Hooks—all in chrome—throughout the bathroom.” Rather than focus on symmetry, I changed up the status quo and opted for a layout and details that connect to each other in ways that are more personal to me. It’s a small thing that makes a huge impact on how I experience the space.

The star of the room is my toilet. There’s truly no better sleek, functional, and—let’s be honest—sexy, toilet than my TOTO RP WASHLET+ RX Wall Hung Bidet Toilet. The added WASHLET bidet seat helps create a comfortable, spa-like experience in my bathroom. I’ve truly enjoyed my bathroom personally, but also revel in the delight that my guests show when they’ve made a trip to the restroom. That truly puts a fine point on my efforts to provide excellent hospitality throughout my home, even in my bathroom.

It is really luxurious to have a bidet toilet in a New York apartment. Though it was not the priority for me, it really does level up the bathroom experience. I love having a heated seat and know that I have a new level of clean in my daily routine.

While a bathroom is often an afterthought—especially in a rental—paying attention to this part of the home can make the biggest impression. And thanks to TOTO, my bathroom now does just that.


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