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TOTO Introduces Cleanovation and Highlights Latest IoT Collaborations at CES 2020

Company Showcases High-Tech Products, Revolutionary Technologies, and Innovative IoT Business Alliances in Booth #43125, Smart Home Section, Sands Expo

(Morrow, GA) January 7, 2020 — TOTO, the world's largest plumbing manufacturer with more than $5.19 billion in annual sales, announced that at CES 2020, the company will introduce its new Cleanovation and Relaxology brand commitments, demonstrating how the company elevates the residential bathroom experience with high-tech products and innovative technologies that improve people’s lives. TOTO will also showcase the latest developments in its business collaborations in IoT connected smart systems that improve the out-of-home restroom experience. Visit TOTO in Booth #43125, Smart Home Section, Sands Expo, and see the innovative ways TOTO supports people throughout their day – morning, afternoon, and evening.

Neorest NX2 Toilet Xray

"As the global leader in innovation and technology, TOTO is committed to designing products that improve people's lives. For more than 100 years, we have focused on the consumer experience in the residential bath space and innovated, engineered and designed timelessly beautiful products that anticipate people's needs," said Shinya Tamura, CEO, TOTO USA. “As TOTO advances into the new world of the Internet of Things, we will develop collaborations with leading-edge companies whose innovative IoT systems provide an improved consumer experience through connected restrooms—public, retailer, and mobile—no matter where they travel for work or play."

CLEANOVATION: Pioneering Cleanliness Technologies that Enrich Every Day
Cleanovation, which combines the words “clean” and “innovation,” enables TOTO to demonstrate its ommitment to the kind of refreshing cleanliness that promotes peace of mind, beauty, and wellness through its technological innovations that enrich people’s everyday lives as they protect the planet. As the company articulates, “TOTO Innovation brings a new world of clean to life, enriching every moment of every day.”

At CES 2020, the company will encourage attendees to “Experience TOTO,” and TOTO has designed its booth to highlight the way its products support consumers with their cleanliness technologies: “Anyone, Any Time, Anywhere.” TOTO has divided its booth by parts of the day. Entitled “Cleanliness 24/7/365,” the morning section highlights TOTO’s WASHLET+ and NEOREST intelligent toilets and their cleanliness technologies in a residential setting. The afternoon section, entitled “Universal Cleanliness,” focuses on TOTO’s collaborations on IoT-enabled restrooms—public, retailer, and mobile—which offer consumers a consistently clean, comfortable restroom experience wherever they travel for work or play. Entitled “Care for People & Planet,” the evening section showcases the Flotation Tub’s ZERO DIMENSION and Global Showers’ WARM SPA technologies, which provide both cleanliness and deep relaxation.

In each section of its CES 2020 booth, TOTO will provide large-screen videos that offer a glimpse into the different kinds of lifestyle that TOTO’s products and technologies offer. In addition, TOTO will offer creative displays that give visitors the opportunity to see and experience first-hand its pioneering Cleanovation technologies.

TOTO’s high-tech, intelligent toilets NEOREST and WASHLET+ will showcase their cleansing technologies:

Neorest NX2 Toilet
  • PREMIST: The bowl’s interior is sprayed with a fine mist of water to reduce matter, mold, and mildew’s ability to stick to its surface.
  • CEFIONTECT: TOTO’s nano-technology glaze seals the porcelain with an ionized barrier, creating a super-slippery, non-porous surface that repels matter, mold and mildew.
  • TORNADO FLUSH SYSTEM: TOTO’s rimless bowl design and 2.5 diameter trapway use 100% of the water to remove waste effectively and clean every inch of the bowl and rim. TOTO’s TORNADO FLUSH SYSTEM optimizes water conservation (1.28 or 1.0 gallons per flush), while setting a high bar in quiet world-class flushing performance.
  • EWATER+ : The cleanliness of the bowl’s surface is ensured by misting it with EWATER+ to keep the bowl and WASHLET and NEOREST wands clean. EWATER+ uses no chemicals or cleaning agents, providing peace of mind every day that microscopic build up has no place to hide.

Remaining steadfast in its commitment to create a culture of clean, comfortable living through its innovative products and advanced technologies, TOTO will also display its NEOREST NX1 Intelligent Toilet.

TOTO’s NEOREST NX1 is its most beautiful intelligent toilet. Inspired by the natural beauty of pebbles shaped by water over time, the NEOREST NX1’s sophisticated elliptical silhouette will serve as an artistic focal point of any bath. It offers the people-first innovations consumers appreciate: high-tech sensor operation with auto open/close and auto flush; integrated WASHLET personal cleansing system with warm, aerated water to cleanse, warm air dryer, heated seat, and in-bowl catalytic deodorizer; and energy- and water-saving features.

BATH RELAXOLOGY: The Science Behind Relaxation and Revitalization
TOTO brings the science of relaxation and rejuvenation to the pleasure of bathing and showering with products that are designed to harmonize with the rhythms of daily life—invigorating in the morning and deeply relaxing in the evening.

At CES 2020, TOTO will display its revolutionary Flotation Tub with ZERO DIMENSION, a CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree, which simulates zero gravity by offering bathers a weightless experience that eliminates the mechanical energy/load on their joints. TOTO’s breakthrough came after 10-years’ research on bathing's relaxation effect, biomechanics, neuroscience, and ergonomics. TOTO discovered that a unique body posture—with the reclining body stabilized and the hips, knees, and ankles flexed—reduced the joints' mechanical energy/load to nearly zero. It replicates the body's posture at zero gravity. Astronauts sleep in this position; it enables the most relaxing rest possible. TOTO christened this unique body position, ZERO DIMENSION.


TOTO’s ZERO DIMENSION bathing posture deeply relaxes mind and body. Cerebral blood flow studies show activity in the left ventrolateral prefrontal cortex—the part of the brain responsible for language—is dramatically reduced. Bathers are afloat, calm and immersed in a meditative moment of relaxation, enhanced by special massage jets producing a therapeutic flow of warm air bubbles enveloping the entire body. A stream of warm water flows from the height-adjustable Neck Spa, an ergonomic pillow that keeps the neck and shoulders comfortably warm. HYDROHANDS massage jets create the experience of real hands massaging the lower back. All functions are easily operated using the control panel on the inside of the tub.

SHOWER RELAXOLOGY: Innovative Water Technologies for Rainshowers and Handshowers
For its Global Collection of Showers and Handshowers, TOTO offers exciting water technologies designed to provide bathers with showering experiences to fit their mood – the moderate intensity Comfort Wave, the high-intensity Active Water, and the deeply relaxing Warm Spa.

  • Active Wave Technology uses TOTO’s unique shower nozzle design to powerfully release large water droplets. It provides a more vigorous, revitalizing showering experience, ideal for first thing in the morning.
  • Comfort Wave Technology uses TOTO’s newest spray nozzle design to add large water droplets to the standard water spray for just the right amount of stimulation, enabling bathers to enjoy a shower of moderate intensity while saving water.
  • Warm Spa Technology offers a showering experience as relaxing as a soaking in warm bath. A single voluminous pillar of warm water flows silently from TOTO’s overhead rainshower or handshower, enveloping the body’s curves in relaxing warmth, without heat loss or splash. With Warm Spa, TOTO offers a showering experience that warms the body thoroughly without wasting water.

IOT COLLABORATIONS: At CES 2020, TOTO will display its latest business collaborations in IoT connected smart systems that improve consumers’ restroom experience—public, retailer, and mobile.

Smart, Fully-Connected Public Restrooms: To provide consumers with a consistently clean, comfortable restroom experience no matter where they travel, TOTO has collaborated with GP PRO, a division of Georgia-Pacific, to innovate the Public Restroom of the Future.

Kolo System

The companies harnessed GP PRO’s award-winning KOLO™ Smart Monitoring System, which delivers reliable, customizable and secure monitoring and analysis of connected restroom fixtures to a dashboard that facility managers and their custodial staff monitor via smartphone or computer. They receive real-time updates and alerts on:

  • the number of toilet and faucet activations and their water consumption;
  • fixture under-utilization and operational abnormalities such as leaks;
  • toilet paper, towel, and soap levels, preventing partial rolls or bottles from being discarded too soon;f
  • optimized cleaning schedules for volume based cleaning and workforce management.

Facility managers harness this information to dramatically increase consumers’ satisfaction with their public restroom experience and solve real-world business issues to better manage their work force and make substantial cost savings in their restrooms’ operation.

Secure Access to Modern Restrooms On the Go: In the U.S., the number of public restrooms is insufficient to meet consumer need. Those that do exist may be in poor condition, and, in some cases, their isolated location can put consumers at risk. To offer an alternative to public restrooms, TOTO teamed with Good2Go, a San Francisco startup, to leverage the Internet of Things to enable consumers to find and securely access a growing network of modern, hands-free retailer restrooms—all from their smartphone.

Good-2-Go App

Consumers now have access to a map that shows them where to find modern, touchless restrooms available in retail establishments, directions to the locations, and how many Good2Go users are in line ahead of them at each site. The app also informs them when a location is closed.

When consumers arrive at their Good2Go location, they use the app to join a virtual queue. No need to stand in line, the app does it for them. When it is their turn, consumers receive a notification and may enter the restroom via digital key—only the individual user may unlock the automatic door, which assures secure access and privacy. If a retail outlet’s customer does not have the app, they can request a print copy of the QR code to unlock the door.

Retailers, too, benefit from TOTO and Good2Go’s smart, secure access system. Increased consumer foot traffic to their establishments can increase revenue. Retailers can better monitor the quality and conditions of their restrooms. Not only do they receive real-time customer feedback on the restroom’s conditions from the in-app user survey, but they can also leverage occupancy sensor data, wait time and dwell time to create alerts for operational and security issues. Additionally, retailers see a dramatic reduction in the costs associated with restroom damage and misuse since users’ are digitally credentialed.

Journalist’s Note: High-resolution digital images of TOTO’s NEOREST NX1, Flotation Tub, and IoT Enabled EcoPower Products as well as the smartphone apps for Good2Go and GP PRO’s KOLO Smart Monitoring System are available for download from TOTO’s Online Press Room or immediately upon request.

About TOTO
TOTO USA is headquarters for the Americas Division of the TOTO Global Group, which was established in 1917 with the founding of TOTO, Ltd., in Kitakyushu, Japan. TOTO is the world’s largest manufacturer of bathroom fixtures and fittings with $5.19 billion dollars in annual sales (as of March 2018 and its exchange rate). For the past 100 years, TOTO has been the recognized leader in innovation, technology, performance, and design with products that enhance the luxury bathroom experience. Today, the company maintains 33,431 employees in 20 countries and owns manufacturing facilities around the world in countries as diverse as Japan, Mexico, Germany, the USA, India and China. Guided by its corporate philosophy, the TOTO Global Group strives to create a great company, trusted by people all around the world, which contributes to the betterment of society. Dedicated to engineering products that respect the environment while meeting people's needs for comfort, beauty and performance, TOTO is the sole plumbing manufacturer to maintain a research and development center devoted to universal design, advanced science, and technology. Consumers enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing they purchased a brand that innovates to improve people’s quality of life. Winner of numerous domestic and international awards and recognitions, TOTO is the only plumbing manufacturer honored as Water Efficiency Leader by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The company continues to raise industry standards and consumer expectations as to what is possible in the bath space, as TOTO believes a high-quality bathroom is an experience and an everyday luxury people value and appreciate.

For more information, consumers may visit or call 1.888.295.8134, Option 5. Follow TOTO on Twitter (@TOTOUSA) and become a TOTO fan on Facebook.

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Tuesday, January 07, 2020
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