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Discover Which TOTO Toilet is Right for Your Family with this Easy Tool

A TOTO UltraMax Dual Flush toilet is displayed in a modern bath space.
The TOTO UltraMax Dual Flush toilet blends cutting-edge technology with sleek design, offering unparalleled comfort, hygiene, and sustainability for a truly sophisticated bathroom experience.

Your home should be your sanctuary, with each room including fixtures that fit your family’s specific needs for design, comfort, and functionality. When it comes to designing your bathroom, choosing the right toilet is your first priority — but it can be a challenging choice to make. It’s a decision that goes beyond aesthetics; it's also about functionality, sustainability, and technology.

Our commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainable eco-luxury makes our toilets a leading choice for homeowners and commercial projects alike. But with such a vast range of options, how do you decide which TOTO toilet is the perfect match for your home?

The answer lies in TOTO's Toilet Configurator, a tool designed to simplify your decision-making process. Simply select the features, design elements, and functions you are looking for in your next toilet purchase, and this quick and interactive tool does the rest. In just a few minutes, you will be matched with a toilet that is perfectly tailored to your needs and preferences.

Complete TOTO's Toilet Configurator to
find your perfect toilet!

Whether you're searching for a toilet for your house or a commercial project, TOTO has you covered. Take the 2-minute questionnaire to find the right TOTO for you.
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What Makes a TOTO Toilet the Best Choice for Your Bathroom Upgrade?

Engineered Excellence

Known for award-winning designs, our toilets are engineered to perform reliably, meeting rigorous quality standards. You can rest assured knowing that when you choose TOTO, you're selecting a toilet recognized globally for its excellence.

A TOTO Aquia toilet with a C5 WASHLET bidet seat attachment in a sunlit bathroom.
Enhance your TOTO toilet with a WASHLET or WASHLET+ bidet seat for the ultimate in bath space luxury.

Design for Every Aesthetic

Whether your home embraces a modern, classic, or transitional aesthetic, we have a design that complements it.

From the contemporary NEXUS, through the versatile Aquia IV, to the traditional Connelly, our range of toilets offers distinctive designs that adapt flawlessly to various bathroom interiors and architectural expressions. This adaptability makes your toilet not just a functional necessity, but a part of your home’s character.

Technological Innovations and Environmental Stewardship

With less than 2% of Earth’s water being potable, the incorporation of innovative water conservation technology in toilet design is now a non-negotiable requirement for any eco-conscious homeowner.

Between high-efficiency flushing systems, using as little as 0.9 or 1.28 gallons per flush, to CEFIONTECT glaze technology that ensures our toilets remain clean with fewer flushes, we stay true to an over 100-year-old environmental sustainability legacy.

A selection of products from TOTO’s NEOREST collection staged in a nature-influenced open setting.
Explore TOTO’s diverse product lines to turn your bathroom into a relaxing space of luxurious tranquility that fits your personal aesthetic.

Take the Next Step

Finding the perfect luxury toilet that meets your unique needs and wants is not a challenge that needs to be faced alone. Let the TOTO Toilet Configurator guide you on the journey to a new world of innovative design, comfort, and eco-elegance. Your bathroom’s transformation into a peaceful oasis is only a few clicks away.

Find your nearest showroom to explore our products in person, or browse virtually by visiting one of our authorized online retailers.

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