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What is EWATER+?

TOTO’s Clean Technology that Promotes Peace of Mind and Wellness

At TOTO, we are committed to pioneering technologies to enrich your life with refreshing cleanliness that promotes peace of mind and wellness. In fact, we have coined a new word to articulate our commitment to clean innovation – CLEANOVATION.

EWATER+ Technology
One such clean innovation is EWATER+ or electrolyzed water, which is harmless to people and chemical-free. Electrolyzed water has a slightly acidic pH value and is a powerful cleaning agent. 

To help ensure their cleanliness, our WASHLET bidet models mist EWATER+ on their wand, inside and out, before and after every use, ensuring that it is always clean and ready for use.

Our WASHLET bidet models also mist EWATER+ on the toilet bowl’s surface after every use, providing peace of mind that even microscopic waste and debris have no place to hide.

Even when your WASHLET bidet is not being used, the wand periodically cleans itself inside and out with EWATER+ to ensure it remains in a hygienic condition and is ready for use. In addition, when not in use, the toilet bowl is regularly misted with EWATER+ to ensure that it is fresh and clean at all times. 

How is EWATER+ Made?
EWATER+ or electrolyzed water is produced by the electrolysis of the sodium chloride ions in ordinary tap water. Electrolyzing regular tap water produces a solution of hypochlorous acid and sodium hydroxide, which is a powerful cleaning agent. It is completely free of added chemicals or harsh cleaning agents and harmless to people.

Electrolyzed water has been used by the foodservice and hospitality industries as a powerful cleaning agent for over 50 years. TOTO is the only plumbing manufacturer to bring this powerful cleaning technology to our WASHLET bidet wand and toilet bowls’ surface.

Environmentally Friendly
EWATER+ is environmentally friendly, returning to ordinary tap water after two hours. EWATER+ enables you to use fewer harsh chemicals and detergents to clean the toilet bowl or WASHLET bidet wand, saving you time and money.

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