TOTO & Pine Hall Brick Close the Loop

TOTO Partners with Pine Hall Brick to Upcycle Clay Sediment Waste

As part of our commitment to sustainable manufacturing, we’ve partnered with Pine Hall Brick Company to upcycle our waste clay sediment into their beautiful, premium white brick.

Pine Hall Brick Company is a family-owned business that manufactures face brick, pavers and specially-shaped brick. They’ll use our high-grade clay sediment waste to make premium white brick, primarily for commercial construction and specialized building projects.

Clay Sediment for RecyclingWhat is Clay Sediment?

Our innovative green practices include recycling the water we use to produce vitreous china products at our Morrow and Lakewood, GA, facilities. Before returning this water to the local water authority, we put it through extensive treatment and purification processes, so it is in a cleaner condition than when we received it.

During the purification process, we remove the white clay particulate from the water; this sediment is termed "filtercake." By upcycling its filtercake with Pine Hall Brick Company, TOTO is able to prevent more than 3.8 million pounds of clay sediment from being deposited in landfills each year.