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10 Little-Known Facts about WASHLET Bidet Seats

For over 100 years, TOTO has been at the forefront of bathroom innovation and continues to be a market staple in bathroom plumbing products. With a special focus on our bidet seats’ innovations, we want to provide an in-depth view of our WASHLET.

Let’s explore ten little-known facts about WASHLET.

1. Did you know WASHLET first hit the market in 1980?

The first WASHLET bidet seat model, Model G, which stood for “Gorgeous,” became available for purchase in Japan in 1980. It was the first luxury bidet seat product to clean with warm water. Most Japanese during that time were unaccustomed to using a bidet. But, with original thinking, the WASHLET’s ingenious design broke ground in Japan and introduced its citizens to a new way of cleansing. By 1987, one million WASHLETS had been sold, sparking a revolution from wiping to washing.

In 1989, TOTO introduced WASHLET SIII bidet seats in the U.S., bringing the culture of personal cleansing with warm water to North America.

You can learn more about WASHLET bidet seats’ evolution here.

2. Using WASHLET high-tech bidet seats is more hygienic than regular toilet paper.

Intuitively, we understand that cleaning-up messes using only dry materials eliminates just half the problem. With the possibility of leftover residue sticking around longer than it needs to.

Wouldn’t you feel better knowing you had an additional layer of security? That is what our WASHLET bidet seats give you. With that extra layer of cleaning provided by WASHLET, you dramatically reduce your chances of debris remaining where you don’t want it.

3. Our WASHLET uses warm water for cleansing, unlike our cold-water competitors.

A bidet’s prime function is to enhance your bathroom experience. Unlike many competitors, we believe in providing the highest quality comfort with each use of our product. We want you to feel rejuvenated after using your warm-water WASHLET bidet seat. Cold water just doesn’t have the same effect.

In addition, our EWATER+ technology automatically cleans the wand inside and out before and after every use. So, you will be welcomed with a warm water embrace funneled through a retractable, thoroughly clean wand.

4. Did you know using WASHLET bidet seats also reduces your use of chemical cleaners?

Because of TOTO’s EWATER+ and PREMIST technologies, using harsh chemicals to clean your toilet is unnecessary. Instead, these self-initiating technologies clean your toilet bowl before and after use, reducing the amount of debris on its surface.

With traditional seats, we see grime collecting on the bowl’s surface area; however, WASHLET is built to address the needs of its consumers, regardless of how big or small the job is.

5. WASHLET won the iF and Red Dot Design Awards in 2020 for its innovative design.

Our WASHLET RW and SW won design awards during the 2020 award season. The iF Design Awards, one of the most prestigious worldwide, acknowledged TOTO’s success in crafting a cutting-edge product that boosts users’ comfort. This prestigious recognition also highlights our advancements in design and cleaning technology, cementing our position as a market expert on an international scale. 

Similarly, the world-renowned Red Dot Awards recognized the ingenuity behind our products, as its award stands for “belonging to the best in design and business.” This award focuses on the distinctions of our business prowess and recognizes that WASHLET is miles ahead. View more information about the IF Design Award here.

6. WASHLET provides a one-year limited warranty to promote product longevity and sustainability.

We have the industry's highest quality standards and design our high-quality, durable products to last. Our products’ longevity also helps promotes sustainability.

We encourage our customers to get the most out of their WASHLET bidet seats for as long as possible. As we want our products to grow with you, we provide the opportunity to register your WASHLET and get efficient and effective after-sales service whenever you need it. Learn more about what your warranty covers here.

7. WASHLET has an easy 5-step installation process with a handy QR code for virtual assistance.

Installing your WASHLET might initially seem intimidating, but we work hard to make it as easy as possible.

Before starting, you must have a wrench, a Phillips-head screwdriver, and a ground-fault 120-volt outlet within three feet of the toilet. Next, turn off your water supply, flush your toilet, and empty the remaining water from the tank. This last step is crucial so you don’t damage your toilet or surrounding area with water. Once these pre-steps are complete, you can move on to your WASHLET bidet seat’s installation. 

First, remove the old seat. Then, clean the surface around the mounting holes for maximum efficiency, so your new bidet seat will properly align – just how you want it.

Second, it’s time to install the WASHLET’s mounting bracket. With that screwdriver, tighten the screws on the mounting bracket just snug enough so you can adjust it to align the seat properly.

Third, slide the WASHLET into place on the mounting bracket. You will hear a click when it's in position. Center the seat to your liking, then tighten the bracket. Make sure the WASHLET can’t be removed even if gently pulled.

Fourth, connect the water hose from the WASHLET to your toilet. Be sure to turn off the water supply, then flush the toilet to relieve pressure.

Lastly, you plug in your new bidet seat and turn it on. Press the “ON” button on WASHLET LED panel on its side. The LED will light up, indicating that your WASHLET is ready to use.

Click here for a diagram and an informative video for reference.

TOTO also provides step-by-step instructions on its 3D interactive installation app, available from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

8. Do you know the differences between WASHLET and our competitors?

First, the WASHLET seat is seamless (no place for matter or debris to collect). Second, the seat is made of CLEAN RESIN technology, which repels dirt particles and enables liquid to bead on the surface, preventing matter or dirt from remaining on the seat surface for an extended period. These design innovations work together to eliminate any opportunity for dirt, grime, or debris to build up on our WASHLET bidet seats.

Third, the self-cleaning wand cleans itself with EWATER+ inside and out before and after each use. Fourth, after use, the wand retracts behind a door, which prevents unwanted debris by concealing the wand when it’s not in use. These design innovations work together to boost the cleanliness of your experience  — which is core to our ideals.

Lastly, our wand angle is 43 degrees, which TOTO engineers have determined is not only the most comfortable and precise angle for the warm-water cleansing spray but also this angle prevents water or matter from splashing back on the wand. Get more information here.

9. The WASHLET utilizes energy-saving features that contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

In honor of Earth Day, we wanted to highlight TOTO’s actions toward producing environmentally conscious products, which are prominent throughout our WASHLET line. For example, all models have an automatic energy saver, activated by the remote control, that detects periods with infrequent use and lowers the heated seat’s temperature. It also automatically turns off the heated seat when the toilet is never used. In addition, WASHLET offers a timed energy saver feature that enables you to program blocks of times it is not in use, and the heated seat is off. Depending on the model, the WASHLET has an energy-saving timer of up to 9 hours.

Learn more about our environmental initiatives here.

10. WASHLET is commercially integrated into many locations around the world.

WASHLET bidet seats have become a globally recognized name as their popularity has increased. Of course, our WASHLET is installed everywhere in our home country of Japan: hotels, restaurants, office buildings, department stores, train stations, and airports. But, due to the ingenuity of our products and TOTO’s global innovation leadership, WASHLET technology has expanded to the U.S. Our high-tech bidet seats are now installed in various locations (hotels, restaurants, and office buildings) across the U.S., giving you the opportunity to experience WASHLET for yourself. For a full list of WASHLET locations, check out our website for more information.

Honorable mention: Did you know you can customize your WASHLET bidet seat to fit your home needs?

When you visit our WASHLET page, you will have access to our WASHLET configurator, which can help you determine which WASHLET product will provide you with the clean you desire. Our WASHLET Configurator provides options to determine the shape, choice of water heater, remote control capability, color, and automatic features to help our consumers understand how to properly address their needs. Click here to try it out for yourself! 


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