Sustainable Practices

People. Planet. Water.

Respect for the environment is deeply embedded in the culture at TOTO. We continually strive to be a leader in environmental sustainability. In addition to reducing our products’ energy and water consumption, our initiatives span from operations to transportation, to building a culture of conservation.

Operations & Maintenance



Green Power

By voluntarily powering its Morrow manufacturing facility with renewable green energy, TOTO USA helps to achieve Clean Air Act requirements and support the development of renewable energy generation nationwide, while helping to protect the environment. Over the years, we have steadily increased our Green Power use.

In 2013, TOTO USA became an EPA Green Power Partner.

In 2017, TOTO USA won the EPA’s Green Power Leadership Award for becoming the first large-volume participant in Georgia Power’s Simple Solar Program, meeting 100% of its energy needs from the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) from certified solar power resources. At that time, TOTO USA purchased over 12 million kWh of green power per year.

Today, our Morrow Plant uses 103% green energy.

TOTO sees its commitment to green energy as a means to become more sustainable and demonstrate to corporations across the United States that supporting green power is a sound business decision that can help reduce air pollution and other emissions.

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