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Creating Elegant Bathrooms with TOTO — A Sustainable Approach to Luxury

A luxury bathroom suite featuring TOTO’s NEOREST products highlights eco-elegance.
Bath space opulence meets environmental responsibility with the eco-elegance of TOTO’s NEOREST collection.

Embracing a complete bathroom design with TOTO products signifies more than an aesthetic and technological upgrade — it’s a declaration of shared values in environmental sustainability and accessibility.

At TOTO, our bathroom products are engineered to merge over a century of design excellence with a commitment to eco-consciousness and inclusive design. Each product is thoughtfully designed to minimize water and energy usage without compromising performance. This approach ensures that every individual enjoys cleanliness, comfort, and advanced functionality across their lifespan while supporting the preservation of our natural resources.

As you enjoy the elegance and advanced features of our comprehensive bathroom solutions, you also enjoy a dual sense of satisfaction and environmental responsibility.

Thoughtfully Designed Eco-Elegance in Every Detail of Your Bathroom Products

A NEOREST WX1 wall-hanging toilet is displayed in a warm bath setting.
The NEOREST WX wall-hanging toilet epitomizes modern bathroom luxury, featuring fixtures that incorporate advanced hygienic and water-conserving technologies into its sleek design.

Innovative Toilets: A Commitment to Water Conservation

Our toilets are designed with high performance and water conservation at their core. Innovations like the 1.28 or 1.0 GPF TORNADO FLUSH® system and 1.28 / 0.9 dual-flush DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH® system, which employ centrifugal force for a comprehensive clean, are examples of our approach to smart water resource management. We are honored to have our efforts acknowledged by certifications such as the EPA Water Efficiency Leader, which inspire us to continue expanding our technologies for sustainable water use.

A TOTO WASHLET+ is displayed in an inviting sunlit modern bathroom.
The TOTO WASHLET+ revitalizes any bathroom, instantly transforming it into a space of peaceful tranquility and environmentally friendly serenity.

Industry-Leading WASHLET Bidet Seats: The Intersection of Comfort and Conservation

Our WASHLET bidet seats represent the perfect blend of comfort and environmental thoughtfulness. Features like EWATER+® exemplify our dedication to reducing the need for cleaning chemical use, while Air-In Wonder-Wave technology showcases our dedication to water efficiency. These innovations underscore our overarching goal of making our products valuable and accessible to everyone, including individuals with mobility challenges.

TOTO’s Gooseneck Touchless Faucet with ECOPOWER® technology spills a steady stream of water onto a reflective surface.
TOTO’s touchless faucets use ECOPOWER® technology to power their hand sensors without electrical connections or batteries, eliminating wasteful energy consumption.

State-of-the-Art Touchless Faucets: Harnessing ECOPOWER®

Our touchless commercial faucet designs incorporate ECOPOWER® technology, which turns the flow of running water into an energy source and eliminates the need for external power. This approach is our way of embracing sustainability in a natural and seamless manner.

Recognitions like the EPA Green Power Leadership Award are not just accolades but reminders of our responsibility to use resources responsibly when powering our Morrow manufacturing facility, for the benefit of our customers and the environment.

TOTO’s Aero Rain Shower demonstrating its pulsing AERO-JET® technology
TOTO’s Aero Rain Shower uses pulsing AERO-JET® technology to decrease water usage while increasing comfort.

Sophisticated Showers: Redefining Efficiency

The shower experience with TOTO is designed to be as water-efficient as it is luxurious. Technologies such as AERO-JET® and GYROSTREAM® deliver a luxurious showering experience while reducing water use. It’s about providing a delightful experience that also aligns with TOTO’s water conservation goals. This dual achievement aligns with initiatives like the EPA’s WaterSense, an organization with whom we are proud to collaborate.

TOTO’s sustainable water-conserving product metrics in 2024.
TOTO continues its journey toward an environmentally sustainable future through water-conserving product design and manufacturing innovation.

Our Journey in Sustainability and Universal Accessibility

Adhering to the principles of Universal Design, we strive to ensure our products are intuitive, safe, and comfortable for all users. This focus is part of our drive to promote inclusivity and ease of use in the bathroom, an area of the home that should be a place of accessible comfort for every family member.

As active participants in the dialogue and action surrounding environmental stewardship, we’re humbled by the Alliance for Water Efficiency’s recognition. This recognition, among others, is vital to us as it enhances our commitment to sustainable manufacturing and product design.

Our manufacturing practices, including recycling and upcycling efforts in our operations, reflect our environmental ethos. While we are proud of our ISO 14001-2004 certification, it also serves as a benchmark for our ongoing quest to improve and innovate responsibly.

Choosing TOTO products represents an investment in thoughtful design and a more mindful approach to using the environmental resources we all share. TOTO is deeply committed to ensuring that our innovations not only bring ease of use and elegance into your home but also contribute to a more thoughtful and resource-responsible world. Each product we offer is born from a century’s worth of dedication to bettering individuals’ everyday lives while caring for the planet — a reflection of our belief that the best way to predict the future is to create it with intention and care.

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