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and Comfort

Cleanliness and Comfort is one of the three global objectives of TOTO’s “Global Environmental Vision.” To help us achieve this target, we have established the twin goals to “realize cleanliness and comfort throughout the world” and to “pursue ease of use for everyone.” Currently, we are working to deliver clean and comfortable toilets on a global basis.

By realizing cleanliness and comfort through our business activities,
we will contribute to the SDGs.


Realizing Cleanliness and Comfort throughout the World

To create clean and comfortable toilet spaces for consumers, we have developed a range of clean technologies unique to TOTO. These clean technologies include EWATER+, CEFIONTECT, RIMLESS TORNADO FLUSH, and contactless technology like TOUCHLESS products. Based on TOTO CLEANOVATION, which combines the words "CLEAN" and "INNOVATION," we will communicate our three key values for the continuation of clean innovation to consumers around the world.

The continuation of clean innovation


The clean lifestyle of
personal cleansing with water


"Cleanliness and security"
achieved through unique technologies
and designs


Peace of mind derived from
"hands free” products

Trends in Cumulative WASHLET® Sales

Reaching a Total of Over 50 Million WASHLET Units Shipped Worldwide.

Launched in 1980, WASHLET has gradually become commonplace in housing facilities in Japan. Overseas, WASHLET sales have continued to grow, and by March 2019 TOTO had shipped over 50 million WASHLET units globally.


Pursuing Ease of Use for Everyone

Based on the Words of Our Founder, “Kindness must always come first,” we believe that to create is to think about all people. To that end, we continue to evolve TOTO’s Universal Design product lines by closely observing the lifestyles of people across the continuum of life and turning a sympathetic ear to their needs and concerns. In the 1960s, we began efforts that take into consideration those physical challenges. In addition to developing and marketing products that make use of universal design, we also issue reports that survey the questions and concerns that people in wheelchairs, people with infants, people who are gender non-conforming, and other groups have when using toilets outside of their homes. In addition, we make proposals to governmental agencies for public restrooms that take into account the unique needs and circumstances different communities of people. TOTO’s public restroom proposals have been adopted in numerous locations.


Global Environmental Goals

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