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Virtual Showroom

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TOTO Reimagines its

Award-Winning Virtual Showroom

Introduces Four Interactive “Shop the Look”
Virtual-Reality-Powered Bathroom Suites and
New Showroom Program Section

For over 100 years, TOTO has led the industry in innovative and technologically-advanced products designed to maximize comfort, cleanliness, and wellness.

This year, TOTO turns its innovation prowess to reimagining its award-winning VIRTUAL SHOWROOM. TOTO introduces compelling online design experiences with shoppable VR-powered lifestyle bathroom environments, dynamic videos, product hotspots, and compelling 360-degree images.

The TOTO Virtual Showroom Experience

TOTO’s enhanced Virtual Showroom is ideal for architects, designers, and showroom representatives who need a high-definition, interactive planning tool for meetings with clients and customers.

Design-savvy consumers, too, will find TOTO’s Virtual Showroom a valuable design tool to bring their TOTO spa bathroom to life.

Using the immersive power of virtual reality, TOTO’s Virtual Showroom offers innovative 3D product experiences that will open visitors’ minds and homes to new TOTO product possibilities.

TOTO Virtual Booth
TOTO Virtual Booth

“Shop the Look” Dynamic Bathroom Environments

TOTO has dramatically expanded its Virtual Showroom with four new high-definition, interactive “shop the look” bathroom environments – three residential master bath suites and an IoT-enabled smart public restroom.

Residential “Shop the Look” Master Spa Bath Suites

Powered by the immersive power of virtual reality, TOTO introduces three immersive, VR-powered master spa bathroom suites:

  • Luxury,
  • Premium, and
  • Reserve

Each interactive bathroom suite offers build-design professionals, showroom representatives, and consumers the opportunity to shop the look by stepping inside the bathroom design to explore, learn more, and feel what it would be like to inhabit that space.

Hot spots provide on-demand TOTO product information they may download and take with them.

For example, when they step into TOTO’s Luxury interactive bathroom suite, they will be able to experience the beauty and elegance of TOTO’s

The hot spots near each TOTO product provide detailed information, which they may easily download and take with them.

TOTO's Touchless Faucet
TOTO's Touchless Faucet

“Shop the Look”: IoT-Enabled Smart Public Restroom

TOTO’s “shop the look” public restroom is designed as an IoT-enabled smart restroom in an airport. This VR-powered restroom enables build-design professionals to explore, learn more, and quickly gather the product information they need to design a TOTO IoT-enabled smart restroom.

For example, when they step inside TOTO’s immersive, VR-powered IoT-enabled smart restroom environment, they will experience TOTO’s

Hot spots provide TOTO IoT-enabled product information at their fingertips, which they may easily download and take with them.

TOTO’s New Showroom Program

TOTO’s Virtual Showroom enables its industry partners to experience and learn more about TOTO’s next-generation Showroom Program, which offers a best-in-class experience for its showroom personnel and consumers alike.

Showroom representatives will experience TOTO’s new branded displays and enhanced merchandising mix that will inspire brand passion and invoke excitement.

TOTO’s new Showroom section will excite industry partners about TOTO’s new Showroom Program as they experience the immersive, interactive environment that highlights TOTO’s award-winning products and leading-edge technologies.

Hot spots provide TOTO product information that they may easily download and take with them.

TOTO's Touchless Faucet

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